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As more and more people buy online, companies are forced into the digital world with their products and services. Amidst a mirage of options, how do ensure every customer finds what he is looking for, is supported in real-time, and gets a personalized experience on top of that? 

Well, customer experience software may be everything you want! 

With the right customer experience tools, you can create a seamless journey for your audience and surpass their expectations at every touchpoint. With in-depth insights at your fingertips, you can make something as mundane as web browsing a highly personalized experience. 

So if you wish to win over customers with meaningful and memorable experiences, this blog is for you. In this post, we’ll explore the top CX tools that can help you automate, organize, and simplify your marketing efforts.

Let’s get started! 

What is Customer Experience Software? 

Customer experience (CX) tools refer to business software that helps you measure and track the quality of customer experiences across multiple touchpoints. You can record customer interactions right from the moment a prospect visits your website for the first time to the time they contact your business for after-sales support. 

With the best customer experience software, you can monitor your customers’ behavior, identify key trends, understand emotions via sentiment analysis, and see how they like to interact with your brand. Taking control of your customer experience can offer several benefits, let’s discuss them right away. 

Why should you invest in a good CX tool? 

Leaving factors such as price and quality behind, customer experience has become the new brand differentiator. Today more and more people wish to engage with brands that offer a seamless experience across channels. 

According to a study, companies with a customer experience mindset drive revenue 4-8% higher than the rest of their industries. On the other hand, poor customer experiences can have a drastic impact on your bottom line. 

Poor customer experience results

Source: Customer Experience Infographic 

With the right customer experience platform, you can meet customer expectations. Moreover, monitoring each and every interaction will make you a customer-focused business and motivate employees to make every experience count. 

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What Are the Top Customer Experience Software Features?

Customer experience management tools may bring diverse CX capabilities to the table or focus on specific aspects of it. However, here are some features that the best tools have in common. Let’s explore them one by one. 

1. Customer Communication Management 

With a robust customer communication management platform, you can store, organize, and track all ongoing as well as past customer interactions. Whether these conversations take place face-to-face or via digital channels such as email, live chat, social media, etc., you can always go back and locate the past customer messages whenever needed. 

Your employees can view the customer interaction history in real-time and get all the context they need to personalize the customer experience. For instance, they can view the chat history to understand previous queries raised by the same customer, their likes, preferences, solutions offered by previous agents, and other crucial details. Well-organized customer communications can also be used to train new team members on how to engage with customers. 

2. Internal Collaboration

The best customer experience software allows your internal teams to collaborate, share ideas, and get work done quickly. Real-time collaboration can bring out amazing results such as improved creative thinking, reliable decision-making, higher engagement, and delightful customer experiences. 

Now, different CX tools can offer different collaboration features. However, some of the most common are file sharing, internal notes or comments, tracking progress on tasks, and more. For instance, team members can use private notes to leave important thoughts/suggestions after a customer interaction. So whenever a new teammate visits the interaction history, he can easily refer to the note and make relevant conclusions. 

To encourage participation from investors, business partners, and other key stakeholders, you can even give them permission to view customer communications, reports, files, and more. 

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3. Automation 

Manually managing or tracking the digital experience is simply not possible. How can you possibly see the amount of time spent by a visitor on your website or what buttons they clicked without a CX tool? How do you store and locate thousands of customers conversations manually?

Customer experience automation is an important feature that can help you speed up your process, improve workflow, and assist customers proactively. For instance, you can leverage automated notifications to keep both team members, and customers notified of important updates. Whenever customers share their concerns, you can share an automated notification or message that their issue has been successfully registered. 

Similarly, you can even develop chatbots to assist customers 24×7, generate leads, and close more sales without needing human intervention. 

4. Customer Feedback

No customer experience is complete without a strong feedback process in place. Experience management solutions can help you capture customer feedback and suggestions to identify bottlenecks, uncover customer preferences, and improve your products, services, or overall brand. 

You can strengthen your voice of customer (VoC) programs by sharing CSAT, NPS, CES, and other types of surveys. This is what an NPS survey question looks like: 

In addition to traditional channels such as email, CX tools allow you to share your surveys via social media or as pop-ups on your website. You can trigger relevant surveys based on the time spent by a user on your site or just when they are about to leave. This helps you capture the right feedback at the right time without making surveys a painful process. 

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5. Reporting and Behavior Analysis

Reports and analytics are the key ingredients that help you make profit-inducing decisions. The right customer experience tools will help you generate reports on the different aspects of the customer journey. 

For instance, you can monitor your team’s average response times, the number of customers handled in a day, gauge customer satisfaction, loyalty, and more. Moreover, you can even download, export, and share these reports with the right stakeholders. 

Now, you must have heard the term “sentiment analysis”. But what exactly does it mean? AI-powered CX software can help you understand customer sentiment in feedback, comments, and reviews. This can help employees better understand customer emotions and offer tailor-made experiences. 

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10+ Best Customer Experience Software

Since customer experience is a vast field, It’s difficult to find one tool that can do all the jobs. The right combination of these tools can help you nail aspects such as customer service, behavior analysis, journey mapping, and much more. Here are the top customer experience tools that you can consider for your business: 

Customer Experience Software Feature & Price Table

Software Key Features Price
ProProfs Help Desk Reply faster with canned responses
View customer communication history
Share CSAT, CES, NPS surveys
Track important customer experience metrics
Collaborate using internal notes
Forever free plan
Essentials: $10/user/month
Premium: $15/user/month
Qualaroo Offers templates for NPS, CSAT, CES, Exit-intent surveys, etc.
Advanced targeting with branching and skip logic
Advanced reporting dashboard
Highly customizable pop-up surveys deployable on-site, in-app, and prototypes
Essentials: $80/month

Premium: $160/month

Zendesk Leverage intelligent conversation routing
Use AI-powered bots to assist customers
Create a community forum
Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations
Agents can contribute to help articles
Suite Team: $49/agent/month
Suite Growth: $79/agent/month
Suite Professional: $99/agent/month
Qualtrics CustomerXM Capture customer feedback
Share NPS surveys
Uncover trends with predictive intelligence
Target the right customers
Enhance the in-app experience
Not Mentioned
Clarabridge Automatically evaluate customer interactions
Assess over 50+ emotions
Understand customer intent
Leverage customizable reporting dashboards
Use Clalabridge Pulse (mobile app)
Not Mentioned
Contentsquare Leverage zone-based heatmaps
Use the Session Replay feature
Improve the mobile app experience
Access insights into brand performance
Integrate with multiple tools
Not Mentioned
Tealeaf Detect fraudulent activities across channels
Leverage real-time session replay
Export CX data in multiple formats
Interpret trends in customer behavior
Detect anomalies in the digital experience
Not Mentioned
GetFeedback Integrate surveys into your website
Launch \ multiple NPS programs
Integrate your CX data with Salesforce
Customize in-app surveys
Get notified about issues in real-time
Not Mentioned
LiveAgent Track conversations on multiple channels
Set Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Leverage email templates
Monitor who is browsing your website
Interact with customers on social media
Free: Forever free plan
Ticket: $15/agent/month
Ticket + Chat: $29/agent/month
All-Inclusive: $39/agent/month
Medallia Get insights about employees
Monitor your NPS score
Enjoy anytime, anywhere access
Leverage real-time VoC data and insights
Enjoy out-of-the-box integrations
Not Mentioned
Genesys Unify all digital channels
Create AI-powered bots
Analyze customer behavior
Leverage 30 voice and digital reports
Monitor employee performance
Genesys Cloud CX 1: $75/month
Genesys Cloud CX 2: $110/month
Genesys Cloud CX 3: $140/month
Genesys Choice: Available on request
Genesys DX: Available on request
Zonka Feedback Create customized surveys with ready-to-use survey templates
Real-time notifications and response alerts
Measure NPS, CSAT, and CES with CX metric Surveys
Take action on feedback and Close the Feedback Loop
Capture feedback both online and offline
Free Trial for 15 days
Professional: $79/month
Growth: $169/month
Enterprise: $429/month

1. ProProfs Help Desk 

proprofs help desk is best customer experience software

ProProfs Help Desk is a cloud-based tool that helps you meet and interact with your target audience on their favorite channels. You can hold meaningful conversations over live chat, email, web forms, help center, etc., and leverage context to personalize every interaction. 

ProProfs equips you with all the features you need to enhance the self-service experience. You can build a dedicated knowledge base for customers and allow them to find the right help without human intervention. Moreover, with AI-powered chatbots, you can route conversations to relevant team members, assist customers with their basic queries, and make the most of sales opportunities. 

Top Features of ProProfs Help Desk

  • Create canned responses for email and chats and share faster replies
  • View customer communication history and deliver personalized experiences at scale
  • Share CSAT, CES, NPS surveys with customers and capture their valuable feedback
  • Leverage AI-powered reports for tracking important customer experience metrics
  • Prioritize communications, track their lifecycle, and hold discussions via internal notes

ProProfs Help Desk Plans Include: 

Forever Free: Forever free with limited features. 

Essentials: Starts at $10/agent/month

Premium: Starts at $15/agent/month

2. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is an online customer feedback tool

Qualaroo is an online customer feedback tool that allows you to collect customer experience insights through targeted, in-context surveys. You can also gauge overall customer experience by conducting NPS, CSAT, CES surveys after every touchpoint to understand customer’s interaction with your brand.  

Using its AI, Qualaroo can help you understand the emotional outcome of an interaction and how customers feel after interacting with the business to help frustrated customers and . Also, with some of the widest range of integrations, Qualaroo is arguably one of the best tools out there for boosting customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Top Features of Qualaroo:

  • Use pre-built templates for NPS, CES, UES and CSAT surveys to always ask the right questions.
  • Target specific visitors at the right time using advanced targeting to understand their pain points.
  • Send surveys over 6+ channels including websites, mobile apps, and more to reach out across different touchpoints.
  • Analyze feedback in real time using the AI-powered sentiment analysis engine to improve CX and user engagement.
  • Integrate with some of the most popular CRM, HR and analytics solutions for better visualization of results. 

Qualaroo Plans Include:

  • Essential: $80/month
  • Premium: $160/month
  • Enterprise: Price available on request.

3. Zendesk 

Zendesk is best customer experience tool

Zendesk is undoubtedly the most popular customer experience platform that is not only easy to use but shows great scalability to meet the needs of mid-size businesses to large corporations. The tool helps you interact with your customers over live chat, instant messaging,  email, voice, etc., and makes it easier for customers to communicate with you across various communication channels. 

Zendesk helps you create a unified view of the customer so that reps always have the right context to assist customers and resolve their queries. Moreover, you can monitor reports, trends, key performance indicators (KPIs) across the customer journey and improve customer satisfaction. 

Top Features of Zendesk: 

  • Leverage intelligent routing to assign conversations to the right team members
  • Use automation and AI-powered bots to get the right context and reason behind contact
  • Encourage customer engagement by creating a community forum
  • Improve internal collaboration with Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations 
  • Allow agents to contribute to help articles and other knowledge documents

Zendesk Plans Include: 

Suite Team: $49/agent/month

Suite Growth: $79/agent/month

Suite Professional: $99/agent/month

4. Qualtrics CustomerXM

Qualtrics CustomerXM best customer experience software

Qualtrics CustomerXM is a robust customer experience management platform that can help you identify and close experience gaps. The tool makes it easier for you to monitor, respond, and improve key interactions along the customer journey and incorporate valuable customer feedback into every decision you make. 

With Qualtrics CustomerXM, you can meet customers across a variety of channels and capture their feedback in real-time. With the help of 128 data sources, you’ll get a complete picture of what customers are thinking and feeling. Moreover, reports help you uncover and identify trends, patterns, and key drivers of customer loyalty. This way you can focus on areas that need improvement and maximize your team’s potential. 

Top Features of Qualtrics CustomerXM

  • Capture customer feedback through apps, websites, email, SMS, chatbots, and more
  • Share NPS surveys to identify loyal, unsatisfied, and at-risk customers
  • Uncover trends and know what to do next with iQ, the predictive intelligence engine
  • Target the right customers at the right time with precision targeting
  • Take actions that enhance the in-app experience and boost app store ratings

Qualtrics CustomerXM Plans Include:

You need to contact Qualtrics for pricing information.

5. Clarabridge

Clarabridge Customer Experience Software

Clarabridge is another CX software that helps you aggregate your VoC data – customer feedback and interactions – into one place. With artificial intelligence (AI) powered speech and text analytics, you can evaluate conversations your customers have with your employees. 

You can easily monitor the quality of conversations over phone calls, live chats, private messages, and social media platforms. With the help of this customer experience tool, you can get rich insights into ease of doing business (customer effort), customer loyalty, sentiments, NPS, customer churn, and much more. These insights gear you to make data-driven decisions and track your progress. 

Top Features of Clarabridge

  • Automatically score and evaluate all your customer interactions
  • Assess over 50+ emotions and evaluate empathy in every interaction
  • Understand customer intent with the power of natural language processing
  • Focus on the metrics you want with customizable reporting dashboards
  • Assign tasks or take actions in real-time with Clalabridge Pulse (mobile app)

Clarabridge Plans Include:

You need to contact their team for pricing information.

6. Contentsquare

Contentsquare customer experience system

As one of the leading customer experience management solutions, Contentsquare acts as a single platform for multiple digital roles, from marketers to product managers to IT. With features such as Journey Analysis, you can monitor the entire customer journey, understand your biggest opportunities as well as issues in minutes. 

Contentsquare helps you capture every in-page interaction and micro-gesture to better understand customer behavior. You can easily see the analysis in the form of scores, visualizations, and recommendations that enable your team members to make smarter decisions. You can even quantify your biggest UX issues and see what is making you lose online customers. 

Top Features of Contentsquare

  • Leverage zone-based heatmaps to understand how visitors interact with your website
  • Reconstruct an individual visitor session on your website with the Session Replay feature
  • Understand how customers interact with your app with mobile app analysis
  • Access unique insights into the category, product, and brand performance
  • Integrate with multiple web analytics, VoC, and personalization tools

Contentsquare Plans Include: 

For pricing information, you need to contact their sales team. 

7. Tealeaf

Tealeaf best customer experience tool

Tealeaf is another impactful customer experience management software that helps you uncover your customer’s motivations and get to the root cause of problems for a delightful digital experience. The tool gives you ample opportunities to understand reasons for user struggle and true abandonment to ensure you spend your resources effectively. 

Tealeaf can also help you improve your customer service efficiency and take it to the next level. You can easily integrate online data with call centers and anticipate spikes or dips in calls. This way your team members are better prepared to quickly resolve issues and reduce ticket escalations. 

Top Features of Tealeaf: 

  • Manage and detect fraudulent activities across digital channels
  • Help customers proactively with real-time session replay
  • Archive the performance and CX data you need and export it in multiple formats
  • Visually interpret trends in customer behavior on any page using heat maps 
  • Detect anomalies in the digital experience and understand the top contributing factors

Tealeaf Plans Include: 

As a flexible tool, Tealeaf can be deployed in multiple ways: 

SaaS: Licensing by monthly million transactions (MMI)

Hybrid: Licensing by MMI (term or perpetual)

Full On-Premise: Licensing by resource value unit

8. GetFeedback

GetFeedback is best customer experience software

With GetFeedback, you can collect in-the-moment feedback across a variety of channels. You can quickly share meaningful surveys via email and SMS that match the look and feel of your brand. Customer success professionals can bring feedback from these channels together and quickly spot trends over time. 

With the help of this customer experience solution, you can easily build custom dashboards by brand, channel, or region and filter using multiple customer attributes. By aggregating scores across channels, you can easily monitor customer experience metrics such as NPS, Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES). 

Top Features of GetFeedback 

  • Integrate surveys into your website without impacting the browsing or shopping experience
  • Launch one or multiple NPS programs and easily manage them at scale
  • Seamlessly integrate your CX data with your Salesforce customer data
  • Customize and update in-app surveys without the need for development support
  • Quickly notify product, web, or other teams about issues in real-time

GetFeedback Plans Include: 

Essentials: Launch your CX program (Email, Website)

Pro: Extend your CX program (Email, Website, SMS, Chat)

Ultimate: Scale your CX program (Email, Website, SMS, Chat, Mobile App)

9. LiveAgent 

LiveAgent best customer experience system

LiveAgent is one of the best customer experience tools, that helps you manage customer conversations on multiple channels. You can use their stylish live chat widget to drive customer engagement and make it easier for customers to buy from you. Moreover, based on the time they have spent on your website or pages they have visited, you can invite customers to chat proactively. 

LiveAgent allows you to manage all your customer records and information in one place for a consistent customer experience. Whether it be customer contacts, orders, interests, preferences, or dislikes, you can reach this information whenever you need to. Furthermore, you can enhance CRM capabilities with integrations such as PipeDrive, SharpSpring, Highrise, etc. 

Top Features of LiveAgent 

  • Track customer conversations on multiple channels using the universal inbox
  • Set Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and manage their violations for better CX
  • Leverage email templates to share quick replies, notifications, and more
  • Monitor who is browsing your website and what URL they are on
  • Interact with customers over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Viber 

Live Agent Plans Include: 

Free: Forever free plan with some limitations

Ticket: $15/agent/month

Ticket + Chat: $29/agent/month

All-Inclusive: $39/agent/month

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10. Medallia 

Medallia best customer experience software

Medallia is a popular employee and customer experience system that helps you get a rich 360-degree view of customers. You can manage social media interactions, transcripts, speech analytics, ticketing systems, digital behavior, and more – all in one place. You can enhance experiences as they happen, prevent customers from churning, and deliver stand-out experiences with personalized tools.

When it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning, Medallia takes it to the next level. Its AI and ML engine is tailor-made for experience data. It helps you easily analyze raw data and understand what customers care about, prioritize actions, and predict their behavior. In addition to making sense of data, you can even understand customer preferences and intent. 

Top Features of Medallia

  • Get insights about the right employees in your organization in real-time
  • Identify and improve the experiences that have an impact on your NPS score
  • Enjoy anytime, anywhere access and access customer information with Medallia’s CX mobile apps
  • Take timely actions based on real-time VoC data and insights 
  • Leverage out-of-the-box integrations, robust APIs, and ETLs to work the way you want 

Medallia Plans Include: 

Medallia does not offer pricing details on its website. You need to contact their sales team for more information. 

11. Genesys

Genesys is top customer experience software

Genesys offers a robust experience management platform that can help you connect with your audience with empathy, deliver memorable experiences, and drive true return on investment (ROI). With this powerful tool, you can choose the right cloud infrastructure and deploy Multicloud CX through on-premises, public, or private cloud models. 

Now, a lot of businesses face a common challenge – “how to route customer conversations to the right people?” Genesys helps you rise above this challenge by matching the right resources to the right customers for improved results. You can leverage best-in-class automated routing to ensure that customers and prospects are assisted in a proper manner. 

Top Features of Genesys

  • Unify all digital channels, self-service, and inbound and outbound interactions
  • Create AI-powered bots and enhance your first contact resolution (FCR) rates
  • Analyze customer attributes and behavior with predictive engagement 
  • Leverage a collection of 30 voice and digital reports based on industry best practices
  • Monitor employee performance across channels with interaction and screen recording

Genesys Plans Include: 

Genesys Cloud CX 1: $75/month

Genesys Cloud CX 2: $110/month

Genesys Cloud CX 3: $140/month

Genesys Choice: Available on request

Genesys DX: Available on request

12. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is a Customer Feedback tool and an overall Customer Experience Management platform that allows you to create any type of survey for various industries and send them to your customers through multiple channels like email, SMS, website, Android tablets, and smartphones.

It not only enables you to collect Customer Feedback but also takes action on it and closes the feedback loop to improve Customer Experience and satisfaction and prevent churn. It also allows you to measure CX metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES at every touchpoint of the customer journey. Its real-time response notifications help you get notified in real-time about feedback and take instant action on it.

Top Features of Zonka Feedback:

  1. Use 40+ question types and ready-to-use survey templates to create customized surveys for different industries including metric surveys like NPS, CSAT, and CES.
  2. Whitelabel your surveys and add your own brand, logo, colors, and styling to them.
  3. Create dynamic surveys with advanced features like Skip Logic, Hide Logic, and Survey Redirection.
  4. Get real-time alerts and notifications of all responses or a specific type of response like negative feedback or bad rating (based on criteria set by you).
  5. Get advanced dashboards and reports like Trends reports, Snapshot reports, real-time reports, and more.
  6. Integrate with popular CRM and other tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Shopify, Google Sheets, Slack, and more.
  7. It also works offline too. It can save responses up to weeks without the internet and sync automatically when your device is connected to the internet.

Zonka Feedback plans include:

  • Professional: $79/month
  • Growth: $169/month
  • Enterprise: $429/month
  • Custom: Personalized solutions as per business requirement

Top Customer Experience Software Comparison Table

Software Price Forever Free Plan NPS Self-Service Knowledge Base Chatbots Reports & Analytics
ProProfs Help Desk $10/month Y Y Y Y Y
Qualaroo $80/month N Y N N Y
Zendesk $49/month N Y Y Y Y
Qualtrics CustomerXM Not Mentioned N Y N N Y
Clarabridge Not Mentioned N Y N Y Y
Contentsquare Not Mentioned N Y N N Y
Tealeaf Not Mentioned N N N N Y
GetFeedback Not Mentioned N Y N N Y
LiveAgent $15/month Y N Y N Y
Medallia Not Mentioned N Y N N Y
Genesys $75/month N Y N Y Y

Build Better Experiences with Customer Experience Software 

If you’re actively looking to market your brand and grow your business, you need an equally active customer experience program. After all, you can’t build a successful brand by neglecting how customers feel about interacting with your business. 

The best customer experience tools are designed to help you monitor the quality of your customer experience. While choosing your tool, look for features such as communication management, real-time internal collaboration, thoughtful surveys, automation capabilities, and reports on customer interactions and behavior. 

We are sure the tools mentioned in this blog, will help you find the light at the end of the tunnel. Always remember, the best experiences are crafted will love, empathy, and a healthy dose of personalization.

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