Finding the best issue tracking software on the Internet is like tracing a needle in a haystack, as there is a plethora of them available with similar-sounding features.

That’s precisely what this blog piece is covering - we list the 20 best issue tracking software and compare their features and pricing.

Before we jump into comparison, let’s take a look at what makes it the best issue tracking software.

What is the best issue tracking software?

The best issue tracking software would allow you to track all your customer questions in one place, and make it easier for you to resolve them faster. A smart ticketing tool integrates seamlessly with your knowledge base and chat software so that you can resolve most issues instantly. You get features, such as delightful reports built-in customer feedback surveys, automated notifications, agent performance monitoring, reduced ticket resolution time, reduced ticket backlogs and so on.

The table below lists 20 best issue tracking software for 2023 that summarizes the features, while we compare features and pricing in detail right after the table. Take a look.

20 Best Issue Tracking Software and Their Key Features

20 Best Issue Tracking Software
Key Features
ProProfs Help Desk
  • Easy to use - works like email
  • Complete solution - includes ticketing, chat, knowledge base & more
  • Get delightful reports & support from real people
  • Add your branding to customer-facing support
  • Integrates with CRMs, project management, and marketing platforms

Get Started (Pricing $20/agent/month)

Vision Helpdesk
  • Flawless assignment management
  • First-rate escalation management
  • First-rate issue scheduling
  • Effective ticket assignment
  • Trouble-free ticket conversion
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Seamless issue scheduling
  • Smooth tracking of repeat issues
  • Efficient issue analysis
ServiceDesk Plus
  • Automatic ticket dispatch
  • Prompt issue notifications
  • Timeous reports
Groove Help Desk
  • Swift email notifications
  • Accurate analysis of issues
  • Ensures teamwork
Jira Service Desk
  • Canned responses
  • Smooth assignment management
  • Handy dashboard
Jitbit Helpdesk
  • All unresolved issues at a glance
  • Categories & Tags
  • Insightful Reports
Web Help Desk
  • Painless issue monitoring
  • Easy to use
  • Reduced delayed solutions
  • Seamless issue tracking
  • Review progress on issues anytime
  • 24/7 support
Faveo Helpdesk
  • Trouble-free issue assignment
  • Beneficial team collaboration
  • Flawless issue auditing
  • Smooth issue handling
  • Data archiving
  • Powerful search
Mojo Helpdesk
  • Efficient ticket management
  • Instant notifications
  • Up-to-date insights
SysAid Help Desk
  • Effortless escalation management
  • Handy issue auditing
  • Reports on recurring issues
  • Email integration
  • Fabulous agent scheduling
  • Trouble-free issue routing
  • Shared inbox
  • Effective issue monitoring
  • Fabulous dashboard
Salesforce Essentials
  • Proper assignment management
  • Automated responses
  • First-rate customer ratings
Hubspot Service Desk Hub
  • Automated ticket creation
  • Issue prioritization in a perfect manner
  • Accurate reports
  • Teamwork Collaboration
  • In-depth reports
  • Completely customizable
  • All information at your fingertips
  • Convenient dashboard
  • Negligible repeat issues

Now, let’s dive deep and look into the individual features and pricing of these tools and get a fair idea of what’s on offer and which of these issue tracking tools fits your bill.

Simple issue tracking software

ProProfs Help Desk software is a cloud-based ticketing system. It is simple, easy to use and offers tons of customization options. It equips you to easily manage all customer-facing inboxes (sales@, support@, help@, billing@, contact@ etc.) so you never miss a customer request and always send timely responses, creating delighted customers. ProProfs Help Desk ticketing software enables you to see and access all customer requests from the same place.Use labels, priorities and internal notes for issue tracking and ticket routing to relevant departments.


  • Track Tickets
    Track Tickets

    Never lose a ticket again, always know who is working on what.

  • Prioritize Tickets
    Prioritize Tickets

    Make sure the most critical tickets get solved first.

  • Solve Tickets
    Solve Tickets

    Canned responses & knowledge base make it easy to solve tickets.

  • Share Knowledge
    Share Knowledge

    Customers love self-service knowledge base resources.

  • Instant Support
    Instant Support

    Allow customers to chat with you right on your website.

  • Train Agents & Customers
    Train Agents & Customers

    Train customers & agents with online training courses.

  • Simple & Easy
    Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access
    Anytime, Anywhere Access

    View & access support tools on laptops, tablets or smartphones.

  • Scalable

    A robust solution that can scale with you as your business grows.

Why Use ProProfs Help Desk?

  • Integrations

    You can integrate this tool with ProProfs Live Chat, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and ProProfs Knowledge Base.

  • Seamless ticket segregation

    For high-efficiency, resolving complicated issues quickly is important. Here, ticket segregation comes into the picture. It means creating and transferring child tickets to agents for ensuring a low resolution time.

  • Faster ticket resolution

    Track issues seamlessly and resolve them faster, which ensures low ticket-resolution time. This helps you provide a delightful customer experience.

  • Canned responses to take care of mundane tasks

    Mundane tasks always consume time unnecessarily, which creates problems while handling customer support requests. With ProProfs Help Desk, you can send canned responses to take care of such tasks perfectly.

  • 90+ languages support

    ProProfs Help Desk software, for issue tracking, is easy to use. However, if you face any issue while using this tool, ProProfs offers you support in 90+ languages.

Vision customer service issue tracking system

Vision Helpdesk is another customer support tool that offers you the luxury of the best issue tracking software. This tool helps you ensure the seamless process of issue tracking to deliver prodigious solutions.

Features of Vision Helpdesk:

✓   Flawless assignment management

To make sure every issue gets resolved in the best possible manner, it is crucial to assign created tickets properly. Vision Helpdesk easily makes it among the top 10 issue tracking software in this list of 20 as it ensures flawless assignment management.

✓   User-friendly dashboard

Keeping things simple is the key to managing every issue perfectly. Vision Helpdesk offers you a user-friendly dashboard, which lets you keep a close eye on ongoing tasks.

✓   Escalation management

There are times when customers are not happy with the provided resolution. Consequently, they demand ticket escalation. To handle escalated tickets, you need top issue and project tracking software. Here, Vision Helpdesk comes to rescue as it promises smooth ticket escalation management.

Pricing starts at: $12/user/month.

Why Use Vision Helpdesk?

  • First-rate issue scheduling

    To delight your customers, you must be good at issue scheduling. With Vision Helpdesk, you can schedule issues exactly how you want to.

  • Easier identification of recurring issues

    The hassle of ticket reopening always leads to mismanagement of queries. At last, the brand’s credibility comes into question, and that is awful from the business perspective. Vision Helpdesk, one of the best issue tracking software tools, enables you to keep a tab on recurring issues. It aids in delivering prodigious solutions, consequently.

  • Error-free issue auditing

    Being a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure all solutions should be up to the mark. For this, issue auditing is essential. It can be done through the issue tracking software of Vision Helpdesk.

Zoho saas based Issue Tracking Software

To rule the business world, your actions should be focussed on catering to customer needs. In brief, you should have the best software for issue tracking. At this juncture, you can look to Zoho Desk, a tool that lets you focus on invaluable customers.

Features of Zoho Desk:

✓   Automatic ticket assignment

Like ProProfs Help Desk, Zoho Desk slashes manual work as it assigns tickets to customer support agents automatically using a round-robin basis. It saves significant time and ensures a better flow of tickets.

✓   Trouble-free conversion of interactions into tickets

Customers can contact you via any support medium to report issues. To ascertain you don’t miss out on crucial info, it is vital to convert customer interactions into new tickets. With this best simple issue tracking software, you can do all of that by clicking one button.

✓   Convenient dashboard

The major benefit of considering issue tracking software of Zoho Desk is that you get access to a convenient dashboard, which lets you monitor issue-related traffic data, customer happiness levels, unresolved tickets, etc. with the utmost ease.

Pricing starts at: $12/user/month.

Why Use Zoho Desk?

  • Reports for crucial insights

    You get timely reports on your team's performance and the management of issues. It helps you to keep the situation under control, even in the worst scenarios. That’s why Zoho Desk gets hailed for being one of the best issue tracking software.

  • Single interface communication

    You can view and resolve reported issues without breaking a sweat, as you can access all support channels at once. In simple words, you enjoy single interface communication.

  • Effective ticket collaboration

    The main purpose of using the best issue tracking software is to deliver unparalleled solutions to customers. To resolve complicated issues on time, sometimes tickets get divided into small ones for distribution across different teams. Once the concerned teams are done with their job, it gets crucial to collaborate all small tickets. Here, Zoho Desk paves the way for effective ticket collaboration.

Zendesk cloud based simple issue tracker tool

Do you know why established brands enjoy long-term customer relationships? No! Well, they always live up to customer expectations regarding ideal solutions to product-related issues. Zendesk is one of the best issue tracking software, and it helps you uplift CX levels.

Features of Zendesk:

✓   Smooth scheduling of issues

It is possible you get a pile of support requests during peak hours. To deliver prodigious solutions, it is imperative to schedule issues aptly. Zendesk’s issue tracking software lets you enjoy the smooth scheduling of issues.

✓   Tracking of repeat issues

If a customer raises the same question over and over, it simply means your support solutions are dreadful. This issue tracking software allows you to keep a proper track of repeat issues, and it is important to prevent customer defection.

✓   Efficient analysis

This best simple issue tracking software enables you to analyze whether the progress on each unresolved issue is good enough or not.

Pricing starts at: $5/user/ month.

Why use Zendesk?

  • Easier task management

    Zendesk is considered as the best issue tracking software tool because it aids in managing all assigned tasks related to unresolved issues. Basically, it promotes easier task management.

  • Handy dashboard

    Having a handy dashboard is instrumental to handle customers’ issues in an appropriate manner, and Zendesk exactly gives you that.

Online ServiceDesk Plus issue tracking tool

Another top issue tracking software that comes into the fray is ServiceDesk Plus. Many businesses have used this tool to ensure proper management of issues. But this issue tracking software has slipped to the 5th spot in this list due to its limited features.

Features of ServiceDesk Plus:

✓   Automatic ticket dispatch

A ticket gets generated as soon as customers report an issue. And generated tickets automatically get dispatched to support agents sitting idle. Hence, it cuts all the clutter and ensures seamless issue tracking.

✓   Instant issue notifications

Being notified about new issues is vital while handling customer support operations. SeviceDesk Plus, one of the best issue tracking software, sends you email notifications as soon as customers report a new issue.

✓   Timeous reports

While using this best software for issue tracking, you enjoy the benefits of timely reports. These reports give you an insight into agent performance, the number of resolved issues, and so forth.

Pricing:starts at $120/user/year.

Why use ServiceDesk Plus?

  • Intact data archiving

    Besides tracking, you can archive all your issue-related data with the purpose of improving the quality of your support services.

  • Uninterrupted assigning of issues

    Perfect assignment of issues is crucial as long as customer delight is concerned. ServiceDesk Plus makes sure you enjoy an uninterrupted process of assigning issues.

  • Effortless issue auditing

    Inspecting whether your support agents are resolving issues properly or not is imperative. ServiceDesk Plus lets you do effortless issue auditing.

Groove issue tracking system for customer support

Groove Help Desk is something that can put your search of the top issue tracking software to a positive end. It is so because this tool can help you in taking care of issues. Plus, it has an attractive interface, which, in turn, improves user experience significantly.

Features of Groove Help Desk:

✓   Email notifications

This issue tracking software keeps you notified about new issues by sending timely email notifications.

✓   Precise analysis of issues

Groove Help Desk lets you analyze the work going on unresolved issues, and this helps you identify which agent is working properly and which one isn’t. As a positive result, you can make strategies to improve agent performance in the near future.

✓   Ensures teamwork

Teamwork is what you need to ensure for the sake of managing issues appropriately. With the issue tracking software of Groove, you bring all your teams in different departments together.

Pricing:starts at $12/user/month
Jira online issue tracking software

Jira Service Desk is worth the 8th position in this list, as this issue tracking software guarantees that you deliver prodigious solutions to customers’ concerns. This, as a positive consequence, builds customer relationships.

Features of Jira Service Desk:

✓   Canned responses

Canned responses aid in giving an instant reply, which is crucial as that’s what customers expect before reporting an issue.

✓   Smooth assignment management

After giving a prompt response, you should assign described issues to nimble agents so that one-stop solutions can be delivered ASAP. In this case, Jira Service Desk can help you.

✓   Well-developed dashboard

A well-developed dashboard is crucial because that’s how you can manage all your tasks related to customer issues in a perfect manner.

Pricing:starts at $20/user/month.
Jitbit online issue tracking tool

Jitbit Helpdesk can put all your doubts regarding the best issue tracking software to rest because it offers a plethora of features, which can help you with respect to issue management. Therefore, it has earned the 10th place on this list.

Features of Jitbit Helpdesk:

✓   All unresolved issues at a glance

Jitbit Helpdesk features a powerful grid, which shows all the information on your unresolved issues.

✓   Categories & Tags

To give unrivaled solutions to customers, tickets get generated and dispersed into different teams. To gather distributed tickets, categories and tags are vitally important.

✓   Reports

You get reports on how well issues are being resolved. It will help you ameliorate your customer support service in the near future.

Pricing: starts at $24/month
Web Help Desk Issue Tracking Software

Web Help Desk makes certain that you can track issues in an appropriate manner so that customers get phenomenal solutions to their product/service-related concerns. In brief, this tool simplifies the process of issue tracking.

Features of Web Help Desk:

✓   Painless issue monitoring

Web Help Desk is worthy to be named as the best issue tracking software because it lets you monitor who is working on which glitch.

✓   Easy to use

This issue tracking software is easy to use, and it means you can track issues and take important actions in a few clicks.

✓   Preempt delayed solutions

Delayed solutions never please customers, no matter how hard the issue was. Web Help Desk aids in preempting delayed solutions by ensuring seamless issue tracking.

Pricing: starts at $580
LiveAgent web based issue tracking tool

LiveAgent is a tool that can help you achieve high-efficiency levels during customer support operations as it lets you analyze the traffic of new issues. Although this tool may miss a spot in the list of top 10 issue tracking software by a whisker, it is worth your consideration.

Features of LiveAgent:

✓   Flawless issue tracking

LiveAgent lets you track issues since they get reported until your agents deliver satisfactory resolutions.

✓   Review progress on issues anytime

While using this top issue tracking software, you get reports. It allows you to review progress on pending issues anytime from anywhere.

✓   24/7 support

This tool is easy to use, but you can get assistance without worrying about time limitations as 24/7 support is available.

Pricing: starts at $15/user/month.
Faveo online HelpDesk ticketing system

Faveo HelpDesk is another best issue tracking software tool, which can help you with regards to the management of support requests. It lets you track issues in such a manner that slashes the odds of ticket backlogs.

Features of Faveo HelpDesk:

✓   Trouble-free issue assignment

With Faveo HelpDesk, you can assign issues to specific support agents with aplomb. As a corollary, this elevates CX levels in the later stages.

✓   Team collaboration

You must provide unparalleled solutions by hook or crook to customers. Therefore, your teams across different departments should work in collaboration, and this can be possible with Faveo HelpDesk.

✓   Issue auditing

The best part of using this top issue tracking software is you can audit how well issues are being handled. This, as a positive consequence, helps you deliver solutions as per set service levels.

Pricing: starts at $108
Cloud based ClickDesk issue tracking tool

ClickDesk is a customer satisfaction tool, which helps you with issue tracking. It is mainly used for handling the queries of online customers as it is the combination of live chat and help desk software. Therefore, there is likelihood e-commerce businesses opt for this top issue tracking software in 2023.

Features of ClickDesk:

✓   Easier issue handling with team collaboration

Seamless issue handling is only possible if your teams in different customer support departments work in collaboration. This issue tracking software lets you bifurcate issues for delivering quick resolutions.

✓   Archive

During support operations, you collect vital customer data. With ClickDesk, you can store data as much as you want, owing to its unlimited storage.

✓   Powerful search

You can search for reported issues by name, email, issue id, tags, etc. in case you need to provide references during agent training programs.

Pricing: starts at $14.99/month.
Mojo simple issue tracker system

Mojo Helpdesk is one of the effective issue tracking software, and it is likely to draw the attention of businesses in 2023. With the help of this best issue tracking software, ticket monitoring gets easier. As a corollary, you get an immersive experience while running customer support operations.

Features of Mojo Helpdesk:

✓   Efficient ticket management

By means of Mojo Helpdesk, you can easily keep track of all reported issues through a centralized dashboard. It, needless to mention, leads to better ticket management.

✓   Immediate notifications

Customers can try to reach out to you whenever they come across annoying product-related issues. To make sure you don’t miss out on new tickets, you get instant email notifications from Mojo Helpdesk.

✓   Real-time insights

Knowing what actually is going on unresolved issues is important. But this turns into a complicated task when there is a throng of support requests to handle. Here, Mojo Helpdesk lets you take a sigh of relief as it offers comprehensive reports.

Pricing: starts at $29/month.
Web based SysAid issue tracking system

SysAid Help Desk is one of the best simple issue tracking software, which makes certain that you don’t face any problem while managing customer support queries. It lets you track issues in the best possible manner so that you can match expectations related to support service.

Features of SysAid Help Desk:

✓   Effortless escalation management

A high escalation rate doesn’t only show your incapability of handling issues but also tells (silently) that you are going to lose your loyal customers very soon. With SysAid Help Desk, you can enjoy the benefits of proper escalation management.

✓   Handy issue auditing

You can easily inspect whether resolutions provided to customers’ issues are up to the mark or not, thanks to issue auditing features of SysAid Help Desk.

✓   Reports on recurring issues

If the same issue comes back to you over and over, your customer support operation is likely to hamper. To make sure you know about recurring issues precisely and why they are arising, SysAid Help Desk gives you in-depth reports.

Pricing:Contact Vendor.
HappyFox ticketing tools software

HappyFox has managed to earn the 20th spot in this list of best issue tracking software tool because it enables you to handle support requests in an exact manner your customers want to. This tool makes sure you enjoy the proper flow of customer support queries.

Features of HappyFox:

✓   Email integration

Email integration may seem like a common feature, but it is so important as far as issue tracking is concerned. Thanks to this feature, you get email notifications as soon as a new support request arrives or the assigned task is completed.

✓   Effortless agent scheduling

This top issue tracking software lets you schedule agents as per the number of reported issues, which in turn, leads to proper management of customer service queries.

✓   Trouble-free issue routing

It is possible that some generated tickets unexpectedly may end up in the wrong department. Here, HappyFox helps you enjoy trouble-free issue tracking, which further averts the problem of recurring issues.

Pricing: starts at $39/user/month.


Kayako support ticket system

Kayako is a full suite of issue tracking tools, which makes sure you deliver best-in-class solutions to each customer who approached you for help. Of course, this issue tracking software has a long way to go, with respect to replacing ProProfs Help Desk software from the 1st position. But it is likely to garner the attention of business owners in 2023.

Features of Kayako:

✓   Shared inbox

With a shared inbox, your support agents will stay on the same page. It reduces confusion to a large extent and paves the way for the delivery of unprecedented solutions.

✓   Effectual issue monitoring

To run customer support operations with flying colors, it is important to know who is working on what. Kayako lets you monitor every reported issue in such a manner that uplifts your business’s credibility.

✓   Dashboard to do bulk actions with a few clicks

You have to be involved in multiple tasks until the first-rate resolution gets delivered. Kayako gives you a user-friendly dashboard so that you take bulk actions with a few clicks.

Pricing: starts at $15/user/month.
Salesforce support ticket software

Salesforce Essentials, an issue tracking software, is going to attract businesses like a magnet in 2023 because it makes sure that you don’t struggle while assisting customers regarding product/service-related issues.

Features of Salesforce Essentials:

✓   Assignment management

During customer support operations, it is imperative to ensure that your agents aren’t under the pump. For the same, you need to assign newly-reported issues aptly. With Salesforce Essentials, you enjoy the perks of effective assignment management.

✓   Automated responses

This top issue and project tracking software allows you to bring down the average response time by offering the luxury of sending automated replies.

✓   Access to ratings

It doesn't matter how hard you and your support agents have tried to address reported issues, as customers’ verdict only matters. Through Salesforce Essentials, you can access to ratings given to your support service.

Pricing: starts at $23/user/month.
Hubspot Issue Tracking Software

Another issue tracking software you can look to when your aim is serving top-notch solutions to customers: Hubspot Service Desk Hub. Regardless of its position in this list of best issue tracking software, Hubspot Service Desk Hub can help you in running customer support operations effectively.

Features of Hubspot Service Desk Hub:

✓   Automated ticket creation

Manual work always slows you down while handling customer support requests. Hubspot Service Desk Hub cuts most of the manual work and creates tickets automatically.

✓   Perfect issue prioritization

Prioritizing critical issues is instrumental to gain the trust of those customers who seek immediate assistance. With Hubspot Service Desk Hub, you can hope for perfect issue prioritization.

✓   Accurate reports

This top issue tracking software offers you precise reports so that you can measure the influence of your customer service efforts

Pricing: starts at $35/month.
TeamSupport issue tracking system

Another customer support tool that lets you track every issue like a pro is ‘TeamSupport.’ This issue tracking software not only helps in tracking reported issues but also aids in delivering prompt resolutions.

Features of TeamSupport:

✓   Team collaboration

Teamwork has always been the key to deliver inimitable solutions, and you can ensure team collaboration with TeamSupport as it lets you divide and distribute tickets.

✓   Reports

Reports are pivotal as long as you want to match customer expectations. Through TeamSupport, you can get reports on the work you’ve done so far.

✓   Completely customizable

TeamSupport enriches its users’ experience by offering customization options with respect to ticket types, statuses, fields & properties.

Pricing: starts at $60/user/month.
Freshservice customer service issue tracking system

Freshservice is an easy-to-use issue tracking software, which allows you to handle every incoming support request in an appropriate manner. This tool lets you use canned responses so that you can swiftly assure customers that their concerns will be addressed on priority.

Features of Freshservice:

✓   All information at your fingertips

While resolving issues, you get your hands on vital customer information that you can access at any time and anywhere with Freshservice.

✓   Handy dashboard

With the dashboard of Freshservice, you can do all crucial tasks like issue monitoring, agent scheduling, etc. without breaking a sweat.

✓   Negligible repeat issues

Well, when you have access to a handy dashboard and customer information, prodigious solutions are likely to be delivered. This, in turn, dwindles the possibility of repeat issues.

Pricing: starts at $29/user/month.

Ready to Adopt the Best Issue Tracking Software?

Well, we have talked about the 20 best issue tracking software. And each of them has something to grab the attention of businesses, therefore, the demand for the aforementioned top issue tracking software is going to reach new heights in 2023.

We put ProProfs Help Desk on the 1st spot owing to its wide range of features. It’s pretty obvious that business owners keep their options open, therefore, we have brought other issue tracking software to light.

Let us know which issue tracking software you are going to choose for your customer support operations.

We are here to help if you need us. Give us a call at (855) 776-7763 (Toll-Free) to get the best-in-class support from our team.

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