What is Omnichannel Help Desk Software?

Omnichannel help desk software is a tool that helps your business deliver a seamless and consistent experience across all support channels. For example, suppose a customer starts the conversation via live chat and later sends an email describing their complaint, the Omnichannel help desk software makes it seamless for you to connect the dots by showing you all the customer touches in one place. This way, companies can deliver a unified customer experience regardless of whatever channel their customers get in touch with them.

What is Omnichannel Help Desk Software

Benefits of Omnichannel Help Desk Software

Deliver a Seamless Experience
Deliver a Seamless Experience

Omnichannel help desk brings multiple channels into a single platform. Whether customers contact you via live chat, email, or other channels, they can enjoy a consistent and seamless support experience.

Personalize Interactions
Personalize Interactions

Customers want you to remember their names, likes, and preferences. With the ticket history feature, agents can quickly refer to past conversations, understand the reason for present contact, and deliver personalized service.

Reduce Support Costs
Reduce Support Costs

If you invest in multiple tools to manage multiple channels, your support costs can skyrocket soon. However, by investing in the right omnichannel software, you can bring every conversation to a single platform and reduce costs.

Enhance Team Efficiency
Enhance Team Efficiency

Our omnichannel ticketing system comes with powerful automation capabilities. Right from ticket assignments to email surveys, there are multiple processes that you can automate to enhance team productivity and delight

Gauge Customer Feedback & Sentiments
Gauge Customer Feedback & Sentiments

Do customers love your omnichannel support efforts? Well, there is only one way to find out. In just a few clicks, you can share surveys with your audience and capture their valuable feedback and suggestions.

Keep Data Secure
Keep Data Secure

Omnichannel help desk tools have robust security features to keep your data secure. You can set multiple agent roles such as Admin, Manager, Agent, etc., to determine their level of access to the help desk.

Manage Multiple Channels in One Place

Deliver a seamless experience on your customers’ favorite channels

Whether you talk about ice cream flavors or communication channels, customers love to have options. With our omnichannel help desk software, you can manage multiple shared inboxes such as support@, info@, contact@, etc., in one place. Connect with customers in real-time via live chat and help them make better purchase decisions. You can even create a dedicated knowledge base to make self-service an integral part of your customer service experience.

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  • tick Created with Sketch. Interact in real-time via live chat
  • tick Created with Sketch. Encourage self-service

Improve Productivity with Automations

Automate manual tasks & resolve tickets faster

For delightful omnichannel customer service, your team needs to respond quickly. With the round-robin feature, you can choose to automatically assign tickets to available agents so that every issue has an owner. You can develop smart chatbots that can interact with customers 24x7 and generate reliable leads. Keep your agents, customers, and key stakeholders informed about the ticket progress with automated email notifications.

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Collaborate with Other Departments

Join hands to assist customers & deliver delight

Great things can happen when your customer service team works in complete sync. An omnichannel customer support solution offers collaboration features such as internal notes so that your team can discuss important tickets with each other. You can even break a complex ticket into multiple child tickets and assign them to different internal departments such as sales or product. Agents can quickly see who is working on what and avoid sharing duplicate replies with the same customer.

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  • tick Created with Sketch. Assign tickets to other departments
  • tick Created with Sketch. See who is working on what

Monitor & Improve Customer Experience

Track agent ratings & customer feedback at multiple touchpoints

If you do not measure your performance, how do you know whether you are making progress? Monitor the omnichannel customer support experience using CSAT and NPS surveys . Keep a tab on important metrics such as average ticket response time, resolution time, etc., and evaluate your agents’ performance. Allow customers to rate the quality of their support interactions and knowledge base articles to identify and fix improvement areas.

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  • tick Created with Sketch. Monitor agent performance
  • tick Created with Sketch. Track ratings for tickets, chats, & help articles

Must-Have Features of an Omnichannel Helpdesk

  • Omnichannel Help Desk Software Features
    Self-Service Portal

    Build a dedicated knowledge base and reduce your ticket volume by up to 80%.

  • Live Chat
    Live Chat

    Engage and interact with website visitors and increase your revenue.

  • Shared Inbox
    Shared Inbox

    Access multiple shared inboxes in one place and collaborate in real-time.

  • Chatbots

    Create powerful chatbots to generate leads and assist customers 24x7.

  • Web Forms
    Web Forms

    Create forms for your website or help center and gain relevant context.

  • Mobile App
    Mobile App

    Deliver omnichannel customer service on the move with a dedicated mobile app.

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