Ticket Management

Manage tickets seamlessly to deliver delightful customer support. Consolidate tickets in a shared inbox, route tickets to agents, export tickets, and much more.
  • Shared Inbox to Resolve Tickets Collaboratively
    Shared inboxes

    Track and manage incoming support tickets on a single dashboard and never miss out on a ticket

  • Notification templates for automated messages
    Notification templates

    Use pre-defined templates for email notifications

  • Agent availability settings
    Business hours

    Customize agent availability settings and calculate the first response time of your staff

  • Parent-Child Ticketing in ProProfs help desk
    Parent-child ticketing

    Break down parent tickets into a group of child tickets that can be worked on by different agents or teams

  • Export ticket conversations
    Ticket export

    Export ticket conversations in PDF and ticket details in MS Excel

  • Manage spam and unwanted email in help desk

    Add spam email addresses to the spam list in your help desk so that tickets related to those emails don’t pop-up in your inbox

  • Bookmark important tickets in help desk software

    Bookmark important tickets so they can be filtered easily when needed

  • Recover a deleted Vault item

    Recover all your deleted tickets from the vault

  • Shared ownership & control helpdesk agents access
    Shared ownership

    Provide the ownership of tickets to multiple teams without losing track of a ticket’s progress

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Team Management

Manage your team of agents and help them work collaboratively via private notes, internal chat, and more.
  • Create teams and define roles
    Create teams

    Create teams and define their roles for effective management

  • Add private notes on help desk tickets
    Add private notes

    Add private notes to tickets that are visible only to agents working on a particular ticket

  • View all ticket in helpdesk
    Ticket history

    View all tickets raised by customers in the past

  • Manage agent roles & responsibilities
    Agent collision detection

    Avoid multiple agents working on the same ticket accidentally

  • Agent Roles & Responsibilities in help desk
    Roles & permissions

    Assign roles such as Admin, Manager, and Staff to agents, and define their permissions

  • Internal chat features in help desk
    Internal chat

    Allow agents to interact with colleagues via chat and resolve tickets collaboratively

  • Audit ticket conversation & agent performance
    Audit & admin control

    Review ticket conversation & agent performance with reports

Multi-Channel Support

Access and manage all your customer-facing emails on a single dashboard.
  • Automatically convert email into help desk tickets

    Turn email requests into tickets in your help desk

  • Quick answer to customer via live chat

    Answer customer questions via live chat or convert them into tickets for a quick resolution

  • Add social media for manage customer requests seamlessly
    Social media

    Connect your company’s Twitter handle or Facebook page with your help desk and manage customer requests seamlessly

  • Add a ticket form to your website

    Add a ticket form to your website and enable visitors to raise issues instantly

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Customer Support

Delight your customers with 24*7 self-help and real-time chat support. Capture customer details to provide customers with excellent experiences.
  • Add attachments and notes to a ticket response
    File transfer

    Attach images, docs, and links while replying on the ticket

  • 24*7 self-help in help desk
    24*7 self-help

    Reduce tickets by up to 80% with the knowledge base

  • SLA management for delightful customer support
    SLA management

    Set deadlines for ticket response and resolution based on different business hours

  • Real-time chat support in helpdesk software
    Real-time chat support

    Chat with customers in real-time and answer their questions instantly

Help Desk Automation

Send automated responses and notifications to customers for instant support.
  • Automated responses to customer tickets
    Auto response

    Send automated responses to customer tickets even before agents start working on them

  • Automatic email notifications feature in help desk
    Automatic email notifications

    Send automated email notifications to staff and customers on new ticket creation, ticket assignment, customer response, and more

  • Automatic ticket assignment feature in help desk
    Automatic ticket assignment

    Assign tickets automatically to agents using the round-robin algorithm

  • Post ticket survey in help desk
    Post ticket survey

    Share automated surveys with customers once a ticket is closed

  • Create canned responses in help desk
    Shared canned responses

    Answer repeated questions easily and reduce response time via pre-formatted replies

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Customize your help desk with your company branding. Add logos, custom fields, labels, and more.
  • Custom fields for faster resolution process
    Custom fields

    Provide more details about a particular ticket and speed up the resolution process

  • Set labels for manage tickets in help desk

    Assign labels to tickets and define which category they belong to

  • Create filters and set conditions

    Create filters and set conditions to prevent confusion among agents

  • Add company logo in help desk
    Company logo

    Add your company logo to your help desk

  • Remove help desk brand name in tickets
    White label

    Remove ‘Powered by ProProfs” from the ticket response

Reporting & Analytics

Help Desk software features list also comprises reports and analytics. Track agent performance, ticket volume, and customer satisfaction easily with advanced reports and analytics.
  • Agent performance evaluation help desk feature
    Agent performance evaluation

    View customer ratings and evaluate agent performance accordingly

  • Track agents for quick responce to customer
    First response time reports

    Track the time taken by agents to send the first response to customer tickets

  • Auto-generated reports in help desk
    Custom field reports

    Auto-generated reports to give you a clear picture of which fields the tickets belong to

  • Track child ticket reporting in help desk
    Child ticket reporting

    Track the performance of your internal teams while they work on child tickets

  • Track customer ticket volume trend
    Ticket volume trend

    Track total number of tickets raised by customers, tickets resolved & the ones pending

  • Track average customer ratings
    Ticket ratings

    Track average customer ratings on tickets and measure customer satisfaction

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Features of help desk software also allow you to integrate your help desk with your favorite tools such as Knowledge Base, Live Chat, MS Dynamics, and Salesforce.
  • MS dynamics Integration with help desk
    MS Dynamics

    Integrate with MS Dynamics and equip your agents to resolve tickets faster

  • Salesforce Integration with helpdesk software

    Integrate with Salesforce CRM to eliminate communication gaps between your sales team and support staff

Complete Support Suite

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Anytime, Anywhere

Leverage ProProfs Help Desk features to empower your agents to resolve customer tickets anytime, anywhere.
  • Web app for empower your agents
    Web app

    Works across browsers such as Chrome and Firefox

  • Mobile app for resolve customer tickets faster
    Mobile app

    Works on both iOS and Android devices

Security & Configurations

Keep your help desk system secure by restricting its access to a few individuals, enabling IP restrictions, and single sign-on.
  • Restrict access for admins in help desk
    Restrict access

    Allow admins to control an agent’s help desk view

  • Simplify agent authentication process
    Single sign-on

    Simplify agent authentication process with single sign-on

  • GDPR compliant
    GDPR compliant

    Eliminate security gaps and ensure greater transparency and accountability

  • IP restrictions in help desk software
    IP restrictions

    Enable IP restrictions to limit the access of your help desk to a few IP addresses

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