What is a Cloud-Based Help Desk?

A cloud-based help desk software is a business tool that can be accessed over the internet by support teams. The cloud helpdesk removes the burden of self-hosting and allows you to keep track of all your customer conversations across multiple channels in one place.

What is a cloud-based help desk software

What Are the Different Types of Help Desk Available?


A cloud-based ticketing system is hosted on the vendor's servers. Your team can access all the wonderful help desk features anytime by simply logging into the vendor's website. Such help desks are known for their flexible pricing and robust support.


An on-premise or self-hosted help desk software is installed on a company's own servers. It requires heavy upfront costs and needs a specific team for maintenance. Such help desks are known for heavy one-time setup fees.


An enterprise help desk software is designed keeping the support needs of big corporations in mind. In addition to ticket management, it includes features such as IT asset management, knowledge management, and service request fulfillment.

Why Choose a Cloud-Based Ticket System?

Effortless internal collaboration through a shared inbox

It is common for modern businesses to have distributed teams spread across the globe. Purchasing a software license for these different locations sounds unfeasible and can be quite expensive. As a wonderful alternative, cloud-based help desks have empowered support teams to adapt to the new normal of remote work. Support agents can interact with customers on multiple channels, prioritize urgent tickets, and offer delightful support on the move.

How choose a cloud-based ticket system

Why is ProProfs the Best Cloud-Based Help Desk?

An array of features and functionalities makes ProProfs one of the best cloud-based help desk software in the market.
Seamless Ticket Management
Seamless Ticket Management

Managing support tickets should not feel like climbing a mountain. Track the complete ticket lifecycle right from when the customer shares an issue through to the time when it is marked as ‘Resolved.’

Enjoy an Automated Workflow
Enjoy an Automated Workflow

The automation capabilities of our tool help your team achieve more in less time. From automatically routing tickets to relevant agents to sharing automated alerts and notifications, you can do it all.

Collaborate Across Teams
Collaborate Across Teams

ProProfs makes team collaboration as effortless as it can get. Agents can discuss tickets via internal notes, break a complex ticket into smaller child tickets, and see who is working on what to avoid stepping on each other's toes.

Secure, Reliable & 24x7 Accessibility

Support all your customers from any part of the world

Don’t restrict the capabilities of your support team to your office. Our tool is hosted on the cloud and empowers you to offer 24x7 hassle-free support from any part of the world. Access all cloud help desk features from any device- pc, laptop, tablet, mobile, and delight your customers. ProProfs free cloud-based ticketing system scores high on security, reliability, and offers automated backups as well as software updates.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick 24x7 accessibility with cloud-hosting
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Access your cloud helpdesk anytime, anywhere
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Cutting-edge security & back-up

Customize Your Help Desk, Your Way

Cloud-based help desk that grows with your business

Increase accountability and set the work rhythm by assigning agents their respective roles and responsibilities. Give agents a complete view of past customer interactions and allow them to resolve tickets with complete context. To supply more information about a ticket, you can simply add custom fields. ProProfs cloud help desk solution comes with flexible pay-per-user plans to match the needs of your growing business.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Assign agent roles & responsibilities
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Add more context with custom fields
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Enjoy flexible pay-per-user plans

Track Incidents in Real-Time Under One Roof

One tool is all you need to manage every incoming customer requests

As the best cloud-based help desk software, ProProfs allows you to stay on top of every ticket from start to finish. Aggregate all your customer-facing email accounts (info@, contact@, sales@, etc.) in a shared inbox and manage customer conversations effortlessly. Create an extensive knowledge base and offer reliable support even when your team is offline. Assist customers with their queries on live chat and close tickets much faster.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Manage emails in a shared inbox in real-time
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Encourage self-help with online Knowledge Base
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Engage customers via live chat

Measure Your Online Customer Service Quality

Monitor, refine, & improve performance with hosted smart reports

ProProfs cloud ticketing system allows support managers to monitor individual as well as team performance. With all relevant insights in one place, you can make long-term and more accurate decisions. Share automated emails with customers and allow them to share feedback instantly. Measure customer satisfaction in each interaction with CSAT and NPS surveys.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Measure agent performance & productivity
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Grow with customer feedback
  • tick ProProfs chat tick CSAT, NPS, & other surveys

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