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Why Help Desk Software Is Important For Businesses?

importance of using a help desk software

A help desk software is important for businesses serving customers. When businesses offer a delightful customer experience, sales increase. Customers become brand loyals and refrain from brand switching. 74 percent of people are likely to switch brands, in case they find the purchasing process difficult.

A help desk ticketing system automates the workflow of issue resolution, centralizes information, and keeps everyone updated with email alerts. The software eliminates the need to work manually. The IT support specialist does not have to arduously log issues by hand, scroll disorganized mails to understand the core of a problem, manually track the status of issues, which could allow requests to slip through the cracks.

When you have a free help desk software in place, administrators can easily prioritize, label, mark, and assign tickets to the concerned individuals or teams. Customer issues and requests are converted into tickets. Agents can see them on the email-like interface of the customer service software.

Collaborative teamwork helps to resolve tickets faster; leaving customers delighted with timely responses. Most importantly, your agents become more efficient and productive when your business employs a help desk ticketing system to serve customers better. Let us have a look at what experts have to say about the growing need and significance of SaaS help desk software for businesses:

Nick Francis Co-founder and CEO, Help Scout

Nick Francis

  • So that nothing slips through the cracks. The first thing that happens when you attempt to share an inbox for support is miscommunication amongst teammates. Help desks have collaborative features that make it pretty easy for teammates to be on the same page.
  • To access the right information. Things like previous conversations, and data from third-party integrations, are really important if you want to provide excellent customer service.
  • To have data about your support process. Once you have quality reporting on how your team is doing, you can plan for new hires and find ways to improve the quality of your customer service.

Collaborative teamwork has urged businesses to consider employing a help desk software. It’s important for your employees to be on the same page. Access to all the customer information ensures excellent customer service. Smart reports & surveys make for the most wonderful part.Tweet this

David Hampton Remote Customer Support, Ford Motor Company

David Hampton

  • The ability for new and current customers to get answers on their schedule. I personally feel that in today’s society of near-instant gratification, customer support has to align in some way or the other.
  • Offering a different medium than traditional phone support. A lot of my coworkers and friends talk about having to do multiple things at once, and if it can bypass the need for a phone call, most people will try that avenue first.
  • Gives the company – insights into performance and quality assurance metrics. Not only can business trends be documented and found with a help desk software but, other applications or surveys can be implemented. Doing so lends greater context into the experience or customer satisfaction with the company or support team.
  • Ease of use on the employees and more time dedicated to helping more customers. With certain software being used in place of phone support, a single agent could handle up to 2-3 chats at a time, while working on some support tickets in place of emails. With traditional phone support, you may end up assisting 10-15 customers, however, with help desk software you can assist 30-50 a day, yet maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Today is the era of instant gratification. Customer satisfaction comes great with constant yet, quick customer support. Benefits of a help desk software outweigh those of traditional phone support. Agents should be highly efficient & productive.Tweet this

Roy Atkinson Senior Writer/Analyst, HDI

Roy Atkinson

Customers expect consistent, correct, and timely answers to questions and resolution to issues they may be having. Although tools do not do the job, tools can certainly assist your service and support staff in keeping good, accurate records of customer interactions; including the answers and/or resolution. These records form the basis for future interactions and provide the data necessary for accurate reporting and metrics.

Timeliness is the key when it comes to customer support. Customers can’t wait to get answers to their queries. A tool like help desk ticketing system makes agent’s job easier. Businesses can learn where customers face difficulties through accurate reporting and metrics.Tweet this

Antonio Susta Head of CX and Customer Service, Linde Gas Italia

Antonio Susta

In today’s hyper fast-paced world, also in B2B, it is imperative to provide an excellent customer service.

In an industry where customer satisfaction is of paramount value, a call center software solution with a robust help desk can be a real asset.

Also, according to a recent PWC Research, a good customer experience is related to:

  • Speed
  • Convenience
  • Consistency
  • Friendliness

And one big connector: the human touch. This implies creating real connections by making technology feel more human and giving employees what they need to create better customer experiences.

If you integrate help desk software into your customer support team it will:

  • help the agents to provide a fast service
  • increase their efficiency and productivity
  • reduce stress and effort on their part
  • increase agent’s time to offer a human touch

Help desk software will help the customer service agents to provide a better customer service and improve the quality of the employee experience.

What is crucial for any business to survive in this highly competitive world is customer service. Your customers appreciate you when your agents offer them fast services & with the human touch. Customer experience is all about speed, consistency, friendliness, and convenience.Tweet this

Himanshu Garg Senior Manager Customer Success, Whatfix

Himanshu Garg

  • First and foremost, it shows the maturity level of an organization and willingness to have a process in place to address customer queries.
  • A help desk software helps in designing a ranking system to a workflow where certain problems fall into a certain priority category and cater to customer requests in a more sophisticated and timely fashion.
  • With a help desk software or a process in place, it helps organizations to look at historical data and get various analyses that include the total number of tickets in a month/quarter, the total number of high priority tickets, the total number of low priority tickets and much more. The software helps to design a response process and SLA, basically, customize to meet the organizational goals with respect to the customer service.

Customer support teams stay organized with smart workflow. Workflow rules can be set up around priorities, filters, and service level agreements. Help desk software has enabled companies to design a mechanism for customer responses and SLA.Tweet this

Dwayne Charrington Technical Writer, ProProfs

Dwayne Charrington

  • Shared inbox is considered to be one of the predominant features of a help desk software. The customer support software enables you to efficiently manage all customer-facing inboxes, including sales@, help@, support@, contact@, and billing@. No tickets are missed, left unattended or lost. As everyone can see who is working on what, there is no hassle of long cc emails. Customer issue tracking comes handy with the help desk software.
  • There are times when agents have to instantly respond to customers and this is where canned responses help them. A help desk ticketing system comes integrated with Survey Maker, Live Chat, and Knowledge Base. Monitor agents’ performance and train poorly performing agents, as you capture customer ratings and feedback. Access real-time customer surveys and NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys.
  • Live chat integration helps to convert customer live chat queries and requests into tickets. Tickets are then assigned to the concerned individual or team and resolved in a timely fashion. Knowledge Base helps to reduce support costs of a business, as agents can save on their time and efforts in answering the repeated questions of customers.

Integrations of ProProfs Help Desk with survey maker, chat, and knowledge base makes it a must-have customer support tool. Delight customers and make agents productive using the customer support software. Also, let customers help themselves.Tweet this

Sean Hawkins Customer Experience and Contact Center Manager, UBM plc

Sean Hawkins

  • Record Management: A ticketing system helps you catalog problems. You can track problems in a centralized location. At the same time, you can easily track the progress of individual issues to completion. Extending this out further, a ticketing system can provide updates to the end-user on the progress of their ticket. There is no unnecessary outreach by staff, but more importantly, it takes that burden off the customer.
  • Data Management/Trend Analysis: Some of the best advice I received, is to let your data tell your story. The right system will allow you to compile and analyze data to identify trends, quantify the impact of problems, and determine the next steps based on your findings.
  • Knowledge Base: Internally, a ticketing system allows for better team collaboration. Tickets can be easily assigned, commented on, and escalated. Another positive is that it can serve as a Knowledge Base for the team. Agents can view previous tickets, comments, and helpful articles related to an issue.

A help desk software has emerged to be the most valuable tool for businesses, as it comes packed with powerful features. Recording customer queries & requests as tickets and analyzing data come handy with the ticketing system. It also acts as the knowledge base for agents.Tweet this

Sue Duris Co-Founder/Director of Marketing and Customer Experience, M4 Communications

Sue Duris

  • Customer Support is crucial for a business. You can make or break a relationship with how frictionless you make that service experience. While customer support is a key touch point along the customer journey, it has several channels within it.
  • One of the customer support channels is the help desk. Its benefits include improved retention, increased revenues, lowered costs, and optimized customer experience.
  • The beauty of the help desk is to have a knowledge management database, where data can be housed on a customer’s prior interactions, the feedback they provided on a previous service interaction or through other feedback mechanisms in general. Also, the database helps to find out how customers scored on NPS and other metrics, how to improve products or maybe ideas on new products. Data on preferences, such as things customers want automated; things they can do at their leisure or other things that they want a human touch to resolve. Having this is going to make the customer’s experience richer!
  • From the company standpoint, help desk software is not only valuable in helping the company manage tickets and improving customer relationships and productivity, but it’s also a great tool for employees to help them do their jobs. We’ve found that the more tools employees have at their disposal, the more engaged they are. Employee engagement drives CX.

Know your customer better with help desk software & make improvements to your customer service and support. The knowledge management database makes the ticketing system more valuable. Insights into customers’ concerns ultimately help to deliver an enriched customer experience.Tweet this

Ellie Wu Senior Director Customer Success, SAP Concur

Ellie Wu

Customer experiences make or break companies. According to 2018 PwC survey, 65% of those who responded said positive CX is more influential than advertising. 1 in 3 consumers would walk away from a brand after a single bad experience.

With increasingly complex journeys across multiple channels and touchpoints, our frontline employees should be empowered with the necessary tools. Doing so consistently blends the flexibility of technology with the desire for authentic, human interaction.

In addition to the external benefits of help desk software, the demand to scale businesses (of all sizes) can streamline and track internal requests too.

Help desk software can:

  • Reroute administrative/mundane tasks to shorten resolution time
  • Prioritize & categorize requests allowing your teams to be highly efficient
  • Provide visibility, tracking, and collaboration for teams to work together

Lastly, as Peter Drucker said,

What gets measured gets improved

With help desk software, you can have access to metrics needed to assess performance (for recognition or training) and highlight opportunities for improvement.

Help Desk metrics have the been most important analyses for CSMs and administrators to monitor their agent performance. Only when they figure out about their customers’ concerns and how satisfactorily they are resolved, can improvements be made in agents’ performance.Tweet this

Key Takeaways

Remember excellent customer service experience begins with a single, intuitive help desk tool. Increased efficiencies, improved processes, and delighted customers are a few of the topmost benefits that the Help Desk software offers to businesses.

Now that you have understood the importance of help desk in times of today, look for the one that comes with varied features. These features may include channels supported, collaborative email-like interface, ease of use, scalability, security, reporting, and analytics. Lead generation and sales may be the most important for the survival of a business but, nothing helps in absence of a great customer service.

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