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Top 10 Alternatives to Spiceworks for Businesses in 2024

Spiceworks Alternatives

There is a lot of “hoo-ha” around Spiceworks – the free IT ticketing system. But why are so many businesses like you searching for the best Spiceworks alternatives? 

“Well, although Spiceworks is free of cost, it comes with its own set of limitations. Whether it is forceful advertisements or an outdated interface, there are many factors that can put your IT support team off track.”

So among hundreds of options, how do you find the best help desk software

Well, don’t worry, as we have done the heavy lifting for you. After painstaking research and analysis, we have compiled a list of 10 alternatives to Spiceworks that will surely help you meet your unique support needs. 

But before we start exploring the tools, here is a small price and feature comparison. 

Spiceworks Alternatives & Competitors -Features & Pricing Table

Software Key Features Price
ProProfs Help Desk Multichannel communication
Internal knowledge base
Monitor help desk metrics
Interact via live chat
CSAT, NPS surveys
Starts at $19.99/user/month
Freshservice View service desk reports
Conduct root-cause analysis
Self-service portal
Track IT assets
Change management
Starter: $19/agent/month
Growth: $49/agent/month
Pro: $99/agent/month
Enterprise: $109/agent/month
Jira Service Management Conduct root cause analysis
Customize request forms
Bulk ticket actions
Self-service knowledge base
Connect with Slack
Free: Forever free
Standard: $20/user/month
Premium: $45/user/month
Solarwinds Service Desk Self-service portal
Track IT assets
Create a service catalog
Prioritize urgent tickets
Multiple integrations
Team: $19/agent/month
Business: $39/agent/month
Professional: $69/agent/month
Enterprise: $89/agent/month
SysAid Manage IT assets
Remote control capabilities
Generate reports
Customize your help desk
Customize your SLAs
Not Available
BMC Helix ITSM Powerful reports & visualizations
Collaborate with service vendors
Storyboard feature
Drag-and-drop change calendar
Search asset information
Not Available
JitBit 24x7 cloud backup
Sort tickets with filters
Set user roles
Automated ticket assignment
Track incident history
Freelancer: $29/month
Startup: $69/month
Company: $129/month
Enterprise: $249/month
TOPdesk Kanban Board
Create multiple SLAs
Conduct root cause analysis
Customer satisfaction surveys
Track IT assets
Not Available
LiveAgent Use ticket Tags
Internal notes
Automated spam filtering
Create canned responses
Share proactive chat invitations
Free: Forever free plan
Ticket: $15/agent/month
Ticket + Chat: $29/agent/month
All-Inclusive: $39/agent/month
Vivantio Multiple integration options
Create a service catalog
Track IT assets
Assign tasks to team members
Change management practices
Value: $42/user/month
Vital: $52/user/month
Velocity: $82/user/month
Visionary: $142/user/month
Spiceworks Ticket management
Automated ticket assignment
Create user self-service portal
Monitor first response time
Private comments

What is Spiceworks? 

Spiceworks offers a cloud-based help desk software that allows you to capture tickets from the user portal and emails. It is known for features such as ticket sharing, private comments, customizable user portals, and more. You can generate key help desk reports to get information on ticket updates and agent performance. Moreover, you can even manage tickets on the move with the Spiceworks mobile app that offers the latest ticket updates via push notifications. 

Spiceworks is free of cost. 

Our Selection Criteria for Spiceworks Alternatives

To ensure that every tool that makes it to our list is well-trusted and powerful, they need to meet certain criteria. This process has allowed us to include tools that you can easily rely upon. 

Help Desk Features: All Spiceworks alternatives should offer basic help desk features such as ticket routing, escalations, filters, internal notes, etc. 

Listed on the Top Software Review Websites: The software alternatives must be listed on the top online software comparison platforms such as Getapp, SoftwareWorld, and Capterra. 

Minimum 10 User Reviews: All alternatives should include a minimum of ten reviews from genuine users on these above-mentioned platforms. Reviews shared by genuine users can help you gauge the various pros of a product.

List of Top 10 Spiceworks Alternatives in 2024 [Updated]

Well, it’s finally time to explore the tools that can act as perfect replacements for Spiceworks. 

1. ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs Help Desk- Alternatives to Spiceworks
Image Source: ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs Help Desk is a free Spiceworks alternative that can help you track all IT issues in one place. Your customers or employees can register their issues via a variety of communication channels such as email, live chat, web forms, help center, and more. 

From a single interface, agents can track all ongoing tickets, prioritize urgent issues, add Labels, share internal notes, and quickly resolve issues. Unlike other tools, ProProfs allows you to build powerful chatbots to assist customers round the clock. The bots can interact with customers and assist them with order confirmations, bookings, delivery schedules, and more. 

Top Features of ProProfs Help Desk:

  • Manage the complete lifecycle of incidents, requests, and complaints
  • Create an internal knowledge base to reduce internal ticket volume
  • Monitor ticket response, resolution times, and other help desk metrics
  • Interact with website visitors over live chat and generate reliable leads
  • Monitor the customer experience using CSAT, NPS surveys

Why We Picked It:

  • The tool is quite easy to use and your team can get started in no time. 
  • ProProfs Help Desk offers transparent pricing on its website. 

ProProfs Help Desk Plans Include: 

FREE for a single user. Plans start at $19.99/user/month for 2 or more users. No hidden fees. A 15-day money-back guarantee.

Case Study: 

Acer is a multinational hardware and electronics company that serves customers in more than 160 countries. With an employee strength of over 7,000 who operate from different parts of the world, Acer aims to bridge the gap between people and technology. 

Previously, Acer’s support team was not able to create weekly and monthly reports on the cost of repairs, spares, etc. This made them look for a solution that was simple and would help them manage all support activities from a central place. 

Acer went straight for ProProfs Help Desk due to its simple user interface and powerful customization options. Acer’s support team was able to set up custom fields that allowed them to add the cost whenever they closed a case. This led to an accurate calculation of the overall support costs. 

2. Freshservice

Freshservice - Right Size Your IT Service Management
Image Source: Freshdesk

Freshservice is another software like Spiceworks that can help your business drive IT service efficiency with the help of no-code workflows and powerful automation tools. You can increase agent efficiency by automatically sharing suggestions and the best responses with them. 

With its rich incident management features, Freshservice allows your users to raise tickets via email, phone, a self-service portal, or in-person. In addition to this, you can set multiple SLA policies and create task deadlines based on business hours or support ticket categories. 

Top Features of Freshservice: 

  • View service desk reports using various filters and share in the formats of your choice.
  • Link incidents to past problems and conduct root-cause analysis
  • Allow customers to raise tickets directly from the self-service portal
  • Track IT assets by using Freshservice’s out-of-the-box discovery tools
  • Understand the impact of changes on your organization with integrated Change Management tools

Why We Picked It:

  • With Freshservice, you can enjoy expert onboarding, 24×7 support as well as migration services. 
  • Freshservice’s AI called Freddy can help you identify critical issues

Freshservice Plans Include: 

Starter: $19/agent/month

Growth: $49/agent/month

Pro: $89/agent/month

Enterprise: $109/agent/month

Case Study: 

Randstad is the world’s largest recruitment company that connects job seekers with employers. With over 60 years of experience in the staffing industry, it has a strong presence in over 39 countries of the world. 

Prior to using Freshservice, the recruitment team used shared inboxes to respond to queries and conduct daily operations. But as the volume of tickets started rising, this system proved inadequate.

Randstad used Freshservice to automate workflows that were earlier handled manually.In addition to this, Freshservice’s open APIs and customization options offered Randstad the flexibility to integrate existing tools with the solution. 

3. Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management
Image Source: Jira

Jira Service Management takes out the complexity of traditional ITSM solutions and offers a tool that your team can start using instantly. Right from your IT to HR to legal, you can allow different internal departments to set up a service desk quickly and start resolving service-related incidents or requests. 

As a free alternative to Spiceworks, Jira empowers your business with the help of several internal collaboration tools. For instance, you can link issues across the organization, so that your IT support and operations teams are always on the same page. You can even ingest data from other software development tools and offer rich information to your team. 

Top Features of Jira Service Management:

  • Conduct root cause analysis to minimize the impact of incidents on your business
  • Customize request forms to meet your team’s unique requirements
  • Leverage bulk ticket actions and machine learning to group similar tickets
  • Deflect common requests with a self-service knowledge base
  • Connect with Slack and Microsoft Teams for better internal collaboration 

Why We Picked It:

  • Allow end-users to rate the effectiveness of knowledge articles and other content. 
  • You can even view reports to identify which articles deflect the most tickets compared to others.

Jira Service Management Plans Include:

Free: Forever free plan (up to 3 agents)

Standard: $20/agent/month

Premium: $45/agent/month

Enterprise: Custom plan 

Case Study: 

Twitter is one of the leading social media websites that allows celebrities and common people to express their opinions and ideas on a public platform. 

As soon as Twitter’s team grew from 900 to 3,600 employees in a short span of time, the social media giant witnessed an increase in the number of support tickets. Twitter’s IT team was primarily using email to manage and track internal service requests. 

After implementing Jira Service Management, Twitter staff members use this platform to raise internal tickets. Soon after the implementation, the IT team observed that the new tickets contained all the relevant information, went to the right queues, and were assigned to the right people. 

4. Solarwinds Service Desk

Solarwinds Service Desk
Image Source: Solarwinds

Solarwinds Service Desk is considered a strong Spiceworks competitor due to its robust ITSM features. You can easily manage tickets submitted by users via email, a service portal, phone calls, mobile app, live chat, or even in person.

The tool allows you to create comprehensive reports on SLA breaches, ITIL processes, CSAT scores, and average resolution times so that you can move in the right direction. In addition to this, Solarwinds even comes with multiple change management features that can help you plan, review, and implement changes quickly across the organization. 

Top Features of Solarwinds Service Desk:

  • Create a service portal for users to submit requests and tickets
  • Track IT assets including hardware, software, purchase orders, and more
  • Create a service catalog to standardize service requests as well as fulfillments
  • Prioritize urgent tickets and reduce the business impact 
  • Easily integrate with other Solarwinds products

Why We Picked It:

  • Your team can receive important ticket alerts and notifications with their mobile app.
  • Agents can handle parallel chat sessions to assist internal staff members. 

Solarwinds Service Desk Plans Include: 

Team: $19/agent/month

Business: $39/agent/month

Professional: $69/agent/month

Enterprise: $89/agent/month

Case Study:

Not Available

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5. SysAid

SysAid - IT Service Automation
Image Source: SysAid

SysAid is another leading alternative to Spiceworks that empowers your support agents to resolve IT issues across the organization. The tool comes with powerful automation – tickets can be automatically sorted and prioritized based on certain conditions so that your agents can start resolving tickets without any delay. 

SysAid also helps you take your self-service to a whole different level. For instance, you can use the automated password reset feature to reduce common service desk tickets. Similarly, you can empower employees with one-click issue submissions and offer your staff members a streamlined self-service experience. 

Top Features of SysAid: 

  • Take complete control over all your IT assets directly within your service desk
  • Leverage remote control capabilities to connect with your end-user’s machines
  • Generate reports to view all the KPIs and stats you need to monitor support
  • Customize the look and feel of your help desk without any coding requirements
  • Customize your SLAs to match your specific IT or business needs

Why We Picked It:

  • With this tool, end-users can submit a ticket by uploading a video or screen capture. 
  • You can allow end-users to automatically reset their account passwords. 

SysAid Plans Include: 

SysAid comes in three options: Help Desk, ITSM, and ITSM Plus. For pricing details, you need to visit their website. 

Case Study: 

Microdrones is a multinational organization that sells fully integrated drone systems and offers complete aerial mapping solutions. It serves other businesses pertaining to sectors such as photogrammetry, mining, energy, agriculture, and more. 

Despite having offices around the world, Microdrones did not have a centralized IT system or even an asset management system. 

However, after switching to SysAid, the company was able to make a list of its worldwide assets. SysAid not only helped the drone company reduce incidents but also enabled it to improve its operations, save time for staff members, and manage all assets in one place. 

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6. BMC Helix ITSM

Image Source: BMC Helix ITSM

BMC offers a powerful ITSM tool that can help your business reduce call volumes with the help of intelligent and omnichannel self-service. With proactive incident and problem management tools, your IT support agents can find potential issues and rapidly resolve them. 

BMC Helix ITSM helps your team quickly resolve issues by grouping similar tickets together. Moreover, you can even manage the lifecycle of knowledge articles to ensure they are always kept up to date based on the changing trends. You can also upload robust multi-media content in your knowledge base for enhanced support. 

Top Features of BMC Helix ITSM: 

  • Get data-driven insights with the help of powerful reports and visualizations
  • Collaborate with service vendors to resolve and troubleshoot issues
  • Leverage the storyboard feature to create slide shows on reporting data
  • Use a drag-and-drop change calendar
  • Easily search for asset information and purchasing opportunities

Why We Picked It:

  • BMC Helix ITSM allows your team to seamlessly transfer from problem reporting to investigation to closure. 
  • This tool comes with powerful reporting capabilities. 

BMC Helix ITSM Plans Include: 

No pricing information is mentioned on their website. You will have to fill up a form to get the required details. 

Case Study: 

Grupo Moura is a corporation based in Brazil that operates in sectors such as manufacturing, real estate, and social entrepreneurship. It has a team of more than 6,000 employees and serves more than 32,000 active customers every single month.

In order to meet the rising expectations of consumers, the company’s IT team wanted to add value by digitizing the service delivery function. In the past, IT support was largely manual and requested by email. 

After implementing BMC Helix ITSM in Argentina and Brazil locations, the company has rapidly digitized its service offerings and witnessed a significant improvement in user experience. 

7. JitBit Helpdesk 

JitBit Helpdesk - Help Desk Software Built for IT People
Image Source: Jitbit

Jitbit is an easy-to-use help desk ticketing system that takes less time to set up compared to Spiceworks. This product is offered in two versions – SaaS and on-premise so that different businesses can easily meet their different support needs. 

JitBit’s help desk comes with powerful ticketing features such as asset tracking, knowledge base, file attachments, ticket tagging, email integration, live chat, and much more. You can get a birds-eye view of all your ongoing tickets and view any files or docs related to them. 

Top Features of JitBit: 

  • The cloud version of this tool comes with 24×7 monitoring and backups
  • Use filters to sort tickets and hide any columns that are not relevant to you
  • Set different user roles as well as security permissions
  • Assign a single ticket to multiple agents for faster resolution
  • Track incident history and quickly locate the asset owner

Why We Picked It:

  • JitBit offers a multilingual help desk that supports global languages such as German, English, Danish, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, and more. 
  • The tool comes with free apps for iPhone and Android, that is pre-optimized for both smartphones as well as tablets.

JitBit Plans Include: 

Freelancer: $29/month (for 1 agent)

Startup: $69/month (up to 4 agents)

Company: $129/month (up to 7 agents)

Enterprise: $249/month (up to 9 agents)

Case Study:

Not Available 

8. TOPdesk

TOPdesk - Better Support Happy Customers
Image Source: Topdesk

TOPdesk is one of the best alternatives to Spiceworks that can help your business register all requests and incidents to your IT help desk and assign tickets to the right agents. You can streamline your IT support operations with the help of call registration, powerful automation, and dynamic reporting options. 

In order to empower your customers from across the globe, you can create, design, and publish your own self-service portal. This way, end-users can submit and track the progress of their tickets and also find answers to common questions 24×7.

Top Features of TOPdesk: 

  • Share, prioritize, and assign tasks easily using the Kanban Board
  • Create and manage SLAs to safeguard the quality of your service delivery
  • Locate the underlying causes of organizational problems with root cause analysis
  • Improve the customer experience by sharing customer satisfaction surveys
  • Create barcode labels for your IT assets for easy tracking

Why We Picked It:

  • TOPdesk allows you to support your customers over WhatsApp and SMS.
  • You can easily customize reports using graphs or pie charts.

Case Study: 

Aston University is a public research university situated in Birmingham, United Kingdom. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, the University, like many other institutions, had to adapt to the new normal of remote learning and working. They used TOPdesk to create a self-service portal and named it “Solve.”

Through this Solve portal, the University was quickly able to publish solutions and guides to assist different users. Just two weeks into lockdown, around 32% of requests were resolved using the Solve portal – a clear indication of its initial success. 

TOPdesk Plans Include: 

TOPdesk offers 3 plans: Essential, Engaged, and Excellent. For pricing details, you need to contact their sales team.  

9. LiveAgent

Image Source: Liveagent

LiveAgent is another great help desk option that allows you to communicate with end-users on multiple communication channels. You can process requests via email, live chat, contact forms, and even the leading social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

This Spiceworks alternative is known for its intuitive live chat tool. Using its stylish live chat widget, you can increase customer engagement and help customers make the right buying decision. In addition to this, you can even invite customers to chat depending on the time they have spent on your website or landing pages. 

Top Features of LiveAgent: 

  • Use ticket Tags to keep your help desk inbox well organized
  • Collaborate with each other using internal notes that are only visible to your team
  • Avoid spam emails with automated spam filtering options
  • Create canned responses for chat and email to save your agent’s valuable time
  • Share proactive chat invitations with people while they browse your website

Why We Picked It:

  • LiveAgent’s live chat button is fully customizable and easy to implement.
  • You can configure multiple email templates for customers and internal staff members.

LiveAgent Plans Include: 

Free: Forever free plan

Ticket: $15/agent/month

Ticket + Chat: $29/agent/month

All-Inclusive: $39/agent/month

Case Study: 

Satur is a 100-year old travel company that is based in Slovakia. The company offers residential and sightseeing tours in Europe that involve activities such as skiing, cruises, wellness programs, and more. 

Earlier, the travel agency used LiveAgent primarily to interact with customers via live chat on their business website. Later, they switched to the email ticketing system to cater to the needs of their growing network of partners and customers. 

Satur’s team is able to easily track the history of every customer communication in one place. This has helped their sales team to view important information related to inquiries, leads, and other common questions. 

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10. Vivantio

Image Source: Vivantio

Vivantio offers a powerful platform that can be used to support both internal as well as external customers alike. You can Vivantio’s native CRM tool to get a 360-degree view of all your existing customers and prospects. 

This tool even allows you to create a white-labeled self-service portal that matches your company’s overall design and branding. Furthermore, your agents can send surveys through closure emails to gain relevant feedback on customer service quality. 

Top Features of Vivantio:

  • Integrate with collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more
  • Create a service catalog to establish transparency among your end-users
  • Store details of hardware, software, and license information on Vivantio’s CMDB
  • Assign tasks to members of the IT team or even outside your organization
  • Deploy change management practices for continual service improvement

Why We Picked It:

  • You can integrate with leading CRM tools such as Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and Azure Active Directory. 
  • You can easily create document categories and organize your knowledge base content.

Vivantio Plans Include: 

Value: $42/user/month

Vital: $52/user/month

Velocity: $82/user/month

Visionary: $142/user/month

Case Study: 

Annata Ltd. has been a Microsoft Global Software Partner for almost two decades and focuses on delivering technological solutions for the Automotive and Equipment industries across the globe. 

Their team wanted to make the shift from an email-to-ticket platform to a solution that offered out-of-the-box self-service capabilities. This would help them provide excellent self-service to B2B customers as well as internal employees. 

After switching to Vivantio, the team at Annata Ltd. created user-friendly self-service platforms for each group of external customers. To offer a personalized user experience, these portals were branded with business logos, colors, and offered customer-specific features.

Comparison of Best Spiceworks Alternatives 

Software Price Ticket Management Shared Inbox Multi-channel Communication Alerts & Escalations Live Chat Self-Service Portal IT Help Desk
ProProfs Help Desk $10/month Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Freshservice $19/month Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Jira Service Management $20/month Y N Y Y Y Y Y
SolarWinds Service Desk $19/month Y N Y Y Y Y Y
SysAid Not Mentioned Y N Y Y Y Y Y
BMC Helix ITSM Not Mentioned Y N Y Y Y Y Y
JitBit $29/month Y N Y Y Y Y Y
TOPdesk Not Mentioned Y N Y Y Y Y Y
LiveAgent $15/month Y Y Y Y Y Y N
Vivantio $42/month Y N Y Y Y Y Y
Spiceworks Free Y N Y Y Y Y Y

Final Verdict: Which Spiceworks Alternative Should You Go For?

Spiceworks is a popular IT ticketing software that allows your team to

  • Track all IT projects and tickets in one place
  • Collaborate internally using private comments
  • Created a dedicated self-service portal
  • Monitor ticket response time & other metrics,

However, despite these features, the tool might not be the best fit for your business. Serious drawbacks such as forceful advertisements, outdated interface, poor search functionality, etc. make people search for the best Spiceworks alternatives. 

If you are looking for an IT help desk system that offers a simple yet intuitive interface and comes with powerful automation then ProProfs Help Desk can be a remarkable option. On the other hand, if you are searching for a proper ITSM tool, you can opt for Jira Service Management. Similarly, if you demand an omnichannel service desk, then Freshservice will not disappoint. 

Learn More About Spiceworks Alternatives

Why Look for Spiceworks Alternatives? 

It is true that Spiceworks is completely free and does not cost a single dime. But if a tool is forever free, there has to be a catch. So despite the lucrative offer, here are some reasons that make people search for the best Spiceworks help desk alternatives:

  • Advertisements Inside Your Tool: Yes, you heard that right! All Spiceworks users are made to view advertisements right inside their help desk tool. Moreover, you also receive promotional emails from technology companies that want to sell their products or services to IT pros. 
  • The Interface Looks Outdated: The Spiceworks’ interface looks quite outdated and lacks that modern appeal that you can easily find in other contemporary IT ticketing systems. In addition to this, you might find it difficult to create automated workflows for your team in the initial days. 
  • Connecting With Other Tools is Challenging: Although Spiceworks offers free add-ons and integration options, connecting different apps is not always a pleasant experience. A lot of users have complained online that their third-party integrations do not work smoothly, and you might find it challenging to use your favorite tools. 
  • Search Functionality Needs Improvement: In Spiceworks, the search functionality does not always deliver great results. Searching for old IT support tickets can become quite frustrating as the results are sometimes inaccurate. 

What features should you look for in Spiceworks Alternatives?

As a support team, you might have your own list of features in mind that are central to your process. However, we have compiled a list of some must-have features that every alternative should offer. Let’s check them out. 

  • Ticket Management: The Spiceworks alternatives should offer robust ticket management features such as ticket prioritization, ticket tracking, sorting, and more. 
  • Knowledge Base: A knowledge base or self-service portal can help you reduce your ticket volume. The tools should allow your team to create a repository of help articles, FAQs, video tutorials, and more. 
  • Reports & Analytics: Every alternative to Spiceworks should offer support managers rich insights into team performance in the form of KPIs, stats, and user experience metrics. 
  • Automation: The alternatives must have robust automation capabilities such as automated ticket routing, alerts, etc. so that your team can avoid repetitive tasks and save time. 

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