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17 Sales Email Templates for Maximum Leads & Conversions in 2024

Sales Email Templates

When you spend hours crafting your magical sales emails, and customers don’t open them, all your efforts go down the drain. So, how do you draft killer emails that get the job done? 

Well, ready-to-use sales email templates can work wonders. 

The best sales email templates can help you enhance your email marketing efforts, generate reliable leads, grow sales, and take your business toward unprecedented growth. 

The truth is that every customer’s inbox is already flooded with promotional emails. 

In this blog, I will share some best practices for writing sales emails, delve deep into the role of shared inbox software for email collaboration, and explore 17 professional sales templates for different situations that will help you.  

Let’s go! 

What Are Sales Emails? 

Sales emails are a type of email specifically designed to engage potential customers by promoting products, services, or offers with the aim of generating sales or leads. 

Sales emails have become a vital component of digital marketing and sales strategies. These emails help businesses reach out to their target audience by highlighting what they’re offering, addressing customer needs or pain points, and encouraging further action, such as scheduling a meeting or signing up for a trial.

.Since companies send thousands of sales emails every month, the inbox can get cluttered soon. Email management software is used in such cases to keep inbox organized, encourage collaboration, track response times, and more. You can watch this short video to learn more. 

5 Best Practices for Writing Sales Emails

Sales emails are pretty awesome. They can help you persuade prospects to take necessary action and grow your business. But they are no silver bullet. 

In order to write sales emails for maximum conversion, you must follow the best practices mentioned below. 

1. Avoid Coming Across as a Salesperson 

Customers receive hundreds of sales emails every month. They are more likely to open your email and respond if they feel it has been written with the best intentions. 

Instead of approaching your sales email as the “typical salesperson,” you need to wear the hat of a “friendly advisor” and offer value to customers. 

While preparing your sample sales email templates, highlight what benefits customers can get from your product or service. For example, instead of writing, “We have the best time management app in the market,” you can say, “Learn how you can save 5 hours every week with our time management app.”

2. Keep Your Inbox Organized With Shared Inbox Software

Do you wish there was a single platform for sales professionals to manage all incoming and outgoing emails? That’s possible with shared inbox software, which allows multiple team members to access, manage, and respond to customer inquiries from a single email address. 

For instance, salespeople can access the accounts ‘sales@company’ or ‘inquiries@company’ simultaneously, ensuring no message goes unanswered. 

The tool makes it easier for everyone to see who is working on what to avoid duplicate replies, and collaborate using private notes

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3. Create a Sense of Urgency

To make customers perceive your deals as valuable, you need to create a sense of urgency in your sales email templates. 

According to a report, promotional emails that conveyed a sense of urgency had 14 percent higher click-to-open rates than the average sales or marketing emails. 

But how do you create a sense of urgency? You can use limited-time offers or countdown timers to create a fear of missing out among your target audience. Moreover, you can even share discount coupons that expire in a couple of days or weeks. When customers know they can miss out on an incredible deal, they will feel encouraged to take immediate action. 

4. Take Inspiration From the Best

Great sales emails are everywhere – you just need to search your inbox well enough. There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from brands known for their brilliant and eye-catching emails.

For instance, you can take inspiration from an email closing used by a top brand and incorporate it into your company’s cold sales email templates

Whenever you receive a sales or marketing email, don’t just throw it into the junk folder. See what elements are impressive and understand how you can do the same for your industry and target audience. 

5. Track & Analyze the Results

Are your sales email templates performing well? Are you getting the results you wanted? You need to consistently test if your emails are a hit among your audience or if they need further improvements. 

Keep a firm eye on email marketing metrics such as clickthrough rate, bounce rate, open rate, conversion rate, unsubscribe rate, etc. 

If specific email templates are performing well, stay away from touching them at all. On the other hand, if some templates are not bringing in numbers, update them to add more value. Remember, the more data you collect, the closer you will get to creating a robust sales email strategy for your business. 

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17 Sales Email Templates That Work 

No matter if you are a B2B or B2C firm, a passion for sales is what drives your business forward. 

Let’s explore 17 templates for sales emails, crafted by industry experts. 

1. Sales Introduction

Sales introductions are make-or-break situations that you need to master. Especially when you are using email as a medium, you need to be extra careful. A plain, mundane, or common introduction can make the prospect lose interest and never approach you.

With the help of this sales proposal email template, you can introduce yourself and your products to new prospects with ease. The aim should be to spark interest without being overly promotional, establishing a foundation for future interactions.

Subject: Meet [Your Company]: Transforming Your [Problem/Solution]

Hi [Prospect Name],
I’m [Your Name] and I am working with the [Company Name] as a Business Development Associate. I checked out your website, and it looks like you might be facing challenges such as [Mention Potential Challenges].

I’m thrilled to introduce you to our product [Product Name], which can play a pivotal role in your company’s success.

If you’re unfamiliar with [Company Name], we help businesses achieve the following goals:

[Goal 1]
[Goal 2]
[Goal 3]

To know more about our complete product range, visit our website here: [Website Link].

Are you free for a quick call to discuss potential business in the next few days? Looking forward to your response.

Warm regards,


💡Pro Tip: Personalize the introduction as much as possible to create an instant connection. Research your target audience to tailor your message, making it more likely to catch their interest.

2. New Product Announcement

Are you on the verge of launching a new product in the market? Do you want your existing and potential customers to be as excited as you are? If you answered yes, this email template is for you. 

This template announces the launch of a new product, creating excitement and anticipation among your customers. It highlights the product’s unique features, benefits, and how it addresses their needs or solves a problem, inviting them to learn more or make a purchase.

Subject: Introducing Our Latest Innovation: [Product Name] is Here!🎉

Dear [Customer Name],

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest creation: [Product Name]! Designed with your needs in mind, [Product Name] offers [Brief Description of Key Features and Benefits].

[Product Image/GIF/Video]

Why You’ll Love [Product Name]:

[Feature #1] for [Benefit].
[Feature #2] to help you [Benefit].
And much more!

Be among the first to experience the difference [Product Name] can make. [Link to Product Page or a Call-to-Action for More Information].

Thank you for your continued support. We can’t wait for you to give us a try!

Best wishes,


💡Pro Tip: Use engaging visuals or video content in your announcement to capture attention and convey the product’s appeal vividly. Including customer testimonials or preview reviews can also boost credibility and generate interest.

3. Email After a Sales Call 

So you ended a sales call with the customer; now, what should be the next course of action? You cannot expect people to remember everything after the termination of a call. Customers get dozens of sales calls every month and may forget about you. 

To avoid this situation, sharing an email to help them recall important information is important. It will also help you keep the conversation well-documented. 

Subject: Great Talking with You! 📞Next Steps for [Solution/Product]

Dear [Customer Name]

Thanks for taking out time to interact with me today. I highly appreciate it!

As discussed over the call, it seems our product [Product Name] will be a perfect fit for your business. It will not only help you achieve your goals quickly but also help you save money in the long run.

Here is a quick recap of what we discussed today:

[Point 1]
[Point 2]
[Point 3]

I’m hopeful that you will do business with us and looking forward to a strong relationship ahead. When would be a good time for our second call? Do let me know.



💡Pro Tip: Summarize key points discussed during the call and reiterate any agreed-upon next steps. This reinforces your attentiveness and commitment to meeting their needs.

4. Referral Email 

When it comes to making purchase decisions, 92% of customers are more likely to trust their peers over advertising. Yes, people always believe in taking recommendations from people they are close to. For your business, this is a great opportunity to grow your sales. 

You can ask satisfied customers to recommend your product to people who might need it. Once you have the list of those people, you can use this email template to target them. 

Subject: Congratulations 🥳Your Friend Has Recommended You to Us!

Hi [Customer Name]

I’m [Your Name], and I work for [Company Name]. One of our valuable customers named [Referer Name] told us you were in dire need of [Product Name].

I’m sure you are currently exploring your options and checking various brands that offer the same product. Well, I would do that too!

To make things a little easier for you, I would like to recommend our top-selling product [Product Name] to you. This is how it can solve your problem [Mention Benefits & Use Cases].

You can find more information on this product on our website: [Website Link].

I’m sure there will be some things that you would want to discuss. Can I schedule a 15-minute call for tomorrow? Let me know what time works for you. Have a great day!



💡Pro Tip: Begin with a warm introduction that mentions the referrer by name, immediately establishing trust and a personal connection. Also, emphasize the benefits that have prompted the referrer to recommend your product or service. 

5. When the Customer Has an Abandoned Cart 

Did you know that e-commerce businesses lose $18 billion in sales revenue each year due to cart abandonment? You may have the best online website; however, customers may still leave their cart midway before checking out. So, what can you do to make such customers buy from you successfully? 

Well, sharing the right sales email at the right time can prove to be a profitable decision. With the help of this product sales template, you can politely remind customers that they have important items remaining in their cart. 

Subject: Forgot Something? Your Cart Misses You! 🛒

Dear [Customer Name]

You left some items in your shopping cart today. But, don’t worry, we have them saved for you.

As we can see, you have added these products to your online shopping cart:

[Product 1]
[Product 2]
[Product 3]

Since we have the best prices at the moment, I would suggest you don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity. The offer lasts only till [Mention End Date].

In case you have any concerns related to product delivery, discounts, packaging, returns policy, etc., feel free to visit our in-depth FAQ section. Here is the link- [FAQ Page Link].

If that does not answer your queries, you can always contact us at our toll-free number mentioned below. Have a great shopping experience!

Warm regards,


💡Pro Tip: Inject a sense of urgency or offer a limited-time discount to encourage CUSTOMERS to complete the purchase. Remind them of what they’re missing out on in a friendly, non-pushy way.

6. Inbound Sales Email Template

The sad truth is that your leads will not convert magically. Whether you receive a customer sign-up or an inquiry on your website, you must connect with them at the earliest. 

With this free sales email template, you can thank customers for showing interest in your business. However, to help them make the best decision, you need to understand their expectations, budget, and the problems they are looking to solve using your product. 

Subject: Thanks for Reaching Out! Let’s Dive Deeper into [Product/Service]

Hi [Customer Name]

Thanks for showing interest in our business and what we do. We received your inquiry via [Mention Source]. We will be honored to help you achieve your goals with our products.

However, before we proceed further, I have some questions I need to ask you:

What problems are you exactly looking to solve?
What is your budget?
How many people will be using the product?

Answering these questions will help me recommend our best and most affordable products.

Let me know when would be a good time to discuss these important details. Have a great day!



💡Pro Tip: Respond promptly to show that you value their interest. Include helpful resources or links to further information to educate them about your product or service. 

7. When the Customer Has Requested a Product Demo

When customers demand a demo of your product, you should not miss out on this golden opportunity. After all, this is a big sign that the customer is interested in what you offer, and more importantly, the customer has initiated the first contact. 

You can use this email template for sales to connect with new customers as soon as possible. Give them a fair idea about the contents of your demo and how long it might take. 

Subject: Your [Product Name] Demo Is Waiting: Let’s Schedule It! ▶️

Hi [Customer Name],

I’m [Your Name], and I saw that you have requested a demo for [Product Name]. We are delighted to know that you are interested in our product and business. We genuinely appreciate it!

The product demo will cover two important aspects: First, we will try to understand your requirements, and later, we will explore the different features that will help you successfully achieve your goals.

To get started, you can book your slot on my calendar here: [Calendar Link].

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to me on my number. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!



💡Pro Tip: You must schedule the demo only after discussing it with the customer. To make things simpler, you can allow them to book a slot at a date and time that is convenient for them. 

8. When Customer Is Using a Free Trial 

Free trials are wonderful for customers; no wonder everyone loves them. Customers can explore different features and experience the interface without spending any dollars. However, from a business point of view, you must look to sell your paid plans before the free trial expires. 

You can use this email template when the free trial period is about to expire. Around 3-4 days before the expiry date can be a good time. 

Subject: ⏳Your Free Trial Ends in 3 Days! Don’t Miss Out on Full Access

Dear [Customer Name],

I hope you are having a great time using our product [Product Name]. As I can see your 15-day free trial is about to expire in [No. of Days].

But don’t be disheartened! We offer different pricing plans to meet the requirements of different teams and businesses. You can check our pricing page here: [Link to Pricing Page].

If you are dicey about which plan will work best for you, we can always connect over the phone or by email.

Please let me know when will be a good time to get in touch with you. Looking forward to your response.

Warm Regards,


💡Pro Tip: Be transparent with customers and share a link to your product’s pricing page. Also, ask them to connect with you in case they have any confusion about choosing the right plan for them. 

9. Sales Upgradation Email Template 

For any SaaS business looking to grow sales, it is important to upgrade customers from basic to premium plans. This will ensure that customers can experience the best version of your product, and you can increase your average revenue per customer. 

This ready-to-use sales email template will help you persuade more customers to upgrade their plans and highlight what they gain from this investment. 

Subject: Elevate Your Experience: Upgrade to [Premium Version] Today! ⬆️🚀

Hi [Customer Name],

It’s been quite a while since you have been using our basic plan.

If your team is ready to grow and move ahead, I would like to tell you more about our premium plan that starts at just [Mention Price]. By upgrading now, you’ll be able to take full advantage of these great premium features:

[Premium Feature 1 & Benefits]
[Premium Feature 2 & Benefits]
[Premium Feature 3 & Benefits]
[Premium Feature 4 & Benefits]

If you are not sure, we can get in touch and talk about any challenges you may be facing.

Also, here is a case study that will explain how our premium plan can help you achieve 2x growth. [Case Study Article/Video Link]

As always, I look forward to speaking to you. Have a great day!



💡Pro Tip: Clearly outline the benefits of upgrading, including any exclusive features or services they will gain access to, making the value proposition irresistible.

10. Discount Offer Sales Email Template 

Every business offers some or other type of discount to its valued customers. It can be due to a special occasion, such as a festive season, or simply to appreciate their loyal customer base. 

You can also share realistic discounts with your audience to grow sales and boost customer retention. Make sure you mention the reason for the discount – festive offers, customer loyalty, referrals, etc. 

Subject: Exclusive Discounts Just for You: Save Big on [Product/Service]! 💰💲

Dear[Customer Name],

Thank you for being associated with our brand for the last [Mention Duration].

As a token of gratitude and appreciation, we would like to do something for you. We are thrilled to offer you a special discount on our [Mention Product Name/Range].

You can use this coupon on our online website or offline stores during checkout to avail a discount of [Percentage].

Here is the [Discount Code]

We would like to inform you that the discount offer is valid until [Code Expiry Date]. Please use the coupon before this date, otherwise it will expire.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me anytime. Happy shopping!

Warm regards,


💡Pro Tip: Mention the platform from where (website, offline stores, offices, etc.) the customer can redeem the discount coupon or code. If the code has an expiry date, mention this information as well. 

11. First Follow-Up

While networking, a lot of sales professionals discuss potential opportunities with prospects. To convert these prospects into customers, you need to follow up with them on a regular basis. 

The first follow-up sales email template can help you remind prospects about your previous conversations. Moreover, you can always share some important information about your products to show how customers can use them to solve their respective problems. 

Subject: Still Considering [Product/Service]? Let’s Chat! 🤝

Hi [Prospect Name],

I really enjoyed chatting with you last week and learning more about your role at [Company Name]. I understand the challenges your team is facing with [Problem Areas] and how they are impacting your business.

As discussed, I am attaching some important resources to help you understand how our product can benefit your team in the long run. I’m sure it will be one of the best investments you will ever make for your team.

[Link to Product Guides/Case Studies]

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to assist you. I look forward to connecting soon.



💡Pro Tip: You can include a valuable piece of content (such as a guide, whitepaper, or case study) related to their interests or needs to add value to your follow-up.

12. Second Follow-Up 

Sales professionals face rejections on a daily basis. However, when a customer does not respond to your messages or emails, it does not always mean that they are not interested. They might have been busy with something, or your email might have skipped their mind. 

So, what can you do to turn the tables around? Well, you can always follow up with them again. Using this sample sales email template, you can try to follow up with customers and hope they get back to you. 

Subject: [Name], You Shouldn’t Miss Out on This! Checking Back on [Product/Service]

Dear [Prospect Name],

Kindly refer to my last email dated [Mention Date]. I was awaiting a response from your end, and I totally understand you must have been busy.

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight how our tool can benefit your team. Here are some important benefits you can expect:

[Benefit 1]
[Benefit 2]
[Benefit 3]

It would be great if we can have you on board and help you achieve your goals faster. Are you available for a 15-minute call on [Date & Time]?

Kindly let me know what works best for you. I look forward to your response!

Warm regards,


💡Pro Tip: Ask if there’s a better time, way, or format to reach them, showing flexibility and consideration for their preferences and schedule.

13. When the Prospect Disappears

At times, prospects simply vanish into thin air and do not answer your calls or respond to your emails. Does this mean that you have lost them? Well, not really. You can always try to initiate contact and keep things well-documented. 

Keep the tone of this email positive, and do not vent your frustrations. Understand that prospects can always ghost you when they have found some other brand or when they do not need your products anymore. 

Subject: We Miss You, [Name]! Can We Assist You Further?

Dear [Prospect Name],

I hope you are doing well and things are great. It has been a long time since we last heard from you.

This email is to check in with you to see how things are going at your end. Typically when we don’t hear from people, it’s mainly due to two reasons: either this is not the right time, or you have invested in another product.

In either case, we respect your decision. Since we only keep our files open for a certain time period, I’m going ahead and closing your file for now. I would love to catch up again and see how we can build a strong relationship.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any queries, please contact me at the number below.

Best Wishes,


💡Pro Tip: Express genuine concern for their silence and offer assistance or solutions to any potential issues they may be facing, showing empathy and a readiness to help.

14. Thanking the Customer for Purchase

Your business exists simply because you have customers. So, it’s important to thank them every time they buy your products or services and choose you over your competitors. 

With the right thank you email template, you can increase sales, and, most importantly, create a delightful shopping experience for customers. 

Subject: Thank You, [Name]! Welcome to the [Your Company] Family 🤗🎉

Dear [Customer Name],

We are delighted to see that you made a purchase with us today. You made our day!

Thank you for choosing us and purchasing [Item Name] from our store. We are sure our product will meet your expectations and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

[Image of the Purchased Item]

We look forward to serving you and giving you more delightful shopping experiences. As a token of gratitude, here is a 20% discount coupon for your next purchase. [Coupon Code].

Thank you for choosing us once again. Have a great day ahead!

Warm regards,


💡Pro Tip: Personalize the thank-you message and consider including a small “thank you” discount or offer for their next purchase to encourage repeat business.

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15. When a Customer Opens the Email But Does Not Respond 

Sometimes, the customer will open your email but won’t care to reply. Now, this can be a confusing situation as you cannot predict whether customers simply forgot to reply or they did it on purpose – maybe your product or offer was not lucrative enough. 

However, the good news is that they still opened your email and were intrigued by your subject line. You can make the most of this sales copy template to spark the conversation again and win their interest.

Subject: Hey [Name]! Did You Have Any Questions About [Product/Service]?

Hi [Customer Name]

I hope you are doing great! I see that you opened my previous email but failed to respond. I understand you must have been busy with something.

I would just like to remind you that if you try our [Product/Service Name], you will be able to:

[Benefit 1]
[Benefit 2]
[Benefit 3]
[Benefit 4]

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can explore more delightful features and benefits here: [Insert Link].

Also, when would be a good time to connect with you over a 10-minute call? I’ll be more than happy to walk you through the platform and show you how to work smarter and not harder. Feel free to call me on [Phone Number].

Best Regards,


💡Pro Tip: Use engaging questions or prompts to encourage a reply, and consider offering a direct line of communication (like a phone number) for a more personal touch.

16. Holiday Special Sales Email 

Every customer looks forward to exciting deals and offers from their favorite brands during the holiday season. Around 30 percent of shoppers begin their holiday shopping as early as October or before. 

Whether you wish to attract early-bird shoppers or last-minute buyers, you can use this email sales template to capitalize on the festive spirit, offering customers exclusive holiday discounts and deals. 

Subject: 🎉 Celebrate the Season: Exclusive Holiday Offers Just for You! 🎉

Dear [Customer Name],

The festive season is upon us, and at [Your Company Name], we’re kicking off the celebrations with exclusive holiday deals that you won’t want to miss!

Holiday Specials Just for You:

[Discount Offer, e.g., “25% off Storewide”]
[Special Product Offer, e.g., “Buy One Get One Free on Select Items”]
[Limited Time Offer, e.g., “Special Holiday Bundles Available This Week Only!”]

Whether you’re treating yourself or searching for the perfect gifts, our holiday specials will surely bring a smile and warmth to your heart.

But hurry, [Customer Name]! These deals are as fleeting as the season and will end on [End Date].

Wishing you a joyous holiday season filled with peace, love, and extraordinary savings.

Warm wishes,


💡Pro Tip: Keep the tone celebratory and inviting, encouraging customers to indulge in the joy of giving while benefiting from the season’s special offers.

17. Post-Purchase Feedback Request Email

Most businesses forget about their customers once they make a purchase. Don’t be that business. 

This template is designed to engage customers after making a purchase, inviting them to provide feedback on their buying experience and the product they acquired. 

Subject: We’d Love Your Feedback on Your Recent Purchase!

Dear [Customer Name],

The festive season is upon us, and at [Your Company Name], we’re kicking off the celebrations with exclusive holiday deals that you won’t want to miss!

Holiday Specials Just for You:

[Discount Offer, e.g., “25% off Storewide”]
[Special Product Offer, e.g., “Buy One Get One Free on Select Items”]
[Limited Time Offer, e.g., “Special Holiday Bundles Available This Week Only!”]

Whether you’re treating yourself or searching for the perfect gifts, our holiday specials will surely bring a smile and warmth to your heart.

But hurry, [Customer Name]! These deals are as fleeting as the season and will end on [End Date].

Wishing you a joyous holiday season filled with peace, love, and extraordinary savings.

Warm wishes,


💡Pro Tip: You can encourage survey participation by offering an incentive for completing the feedback survey. This will help you capture maximum responses and foster a continued relationship with customers. 

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Run Successful Campaigns With Sales Email Templates

Email is one of the cheapest and most convenient marketing channels that can help you grow your business. The best sales email templates can help you save time, respond faster, and interact with customers in a consistent manner. 

To write killer sales emails, make sure you personalize your message, collaborate using a shared inbox tool, write clear subject lines, and include relevant call-to-action buttons. In addition to this, you need to consistently follow up with your customers so that they are persuaded to lend their valuable time to you. 

ProProfs Help Desk’s shared inbox feature can help manage all your customer-facing emails (sales@, support@, billing, etc.)in one place. You can easily prioritize important messages and use canned responses for faster replies.

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