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Top 15 SolarWinds Alternatives for 2023

Alternatives to Solarwinds Service Desk

SolarWinds Service Desk has been around the block for quite some time and is indeed a powerful tool.

But if you are thinking about switching to a better Solarwinds alternative, you are not alone. A lot of users have complained about its outdated interface, lack of customization options, unreliable customer support, and more.

Don’t worry, as we have done the heavy lifting for you.

After painstaking research and comparison, we have curated a list of 15 alternatives to SolarWinds Service Desk that can prove to be great IT support solutions for your team.

But before we begin with our list, let’s take a look at some of the top SolarWinds features and drawbacks.

What Is SolarWinds Service Desk?

SolarWinds Service Desk is a modern IT Service Management (ITSM) solution that helps you automate incident management across the company. Whether employees work from the office, at home, or in the field, they can easily submit tickets via email, phone calls, a service portal, a mobile app, or even in person. Moreover, you can create an employee service portal so that members from different departments can submit and track tickets.

So how much does SolarWinds cost? The tool comes in four options – Team ($19/agent/month), Business ($39/agent/month), Professional ($69/agent/month), and Enterprise ($89/agent/month).

Why Look for SolarWinds Alternatives?

Despite these features and benefits, why do people look for the best alternatives to SolarWinds Service Desk?

Well, we have highlighted some cons of this tool that will make you realize why it might not be the best option for your team or business. Let’s have a look:

  • Complicated & Outdated Interface: SolarWinds Service Desk’s interface appears quite outdated and lacks that modern appeal. Due to overwhelming reports and functionalities, getting started with this tool can be time-consuming and frustrating.
  • The Basic Plan Misses Out on Key Features: Even though SolarWinds’s basic plan, called Team, costs $19/agent/month, it still does not live up to expectations. It misses out on some must-have features, such as a service catalog, change management, custom roles, and more.
  • Lack of Customization & Integration Options: This tool needs to offer more customization options to users. Moreover, considering its biggest competitors, there are very few integration options available to enhance the power of your help desk.
  • Poor Customer Support: A lot of users have complained about the quality of service they received from Solarwinds. Moreover, in order to receive chat, email, and phone support, you will have to opt for expensive plans that start from $69/month.

What Are the Top Features that SolarWinds Alternatives Should Have?

Different support teams across the world have different expectations of their support solutions. While one may look for an easy-to-use interface, others might be more intrigued by in-depth reports.

Now, we know that every tool cannot offer every single feature. Therefore, to make this SolarWinds Service Desk comparison easier, we have short-listed some must-have features that every alternative should offer.

  • Incident and Request Management: All SolarWinds alternatives must allow you to track all incidents as well as requests in a single platform. This will ensure not a single ticket is lost.
  • Knowledge Management: The alternative tools must help you create a repository of knowledge articles, FAQ pages, etc., to encourage self-service and reduce ticket volume.
  • Customization: The alternatives to SolarWinds Service Desk should offer multiple customization options so that you can finetune your help desk according to your needs.
  • Reports & Analytics: All the alternatives should come with advanced reporting capabilities. This will help support managers track agent performance, monitor service desk metrics, and uncover improvement areas.

Our Selection Criteria for SolarWinds Service Desk Alternatives

To ensure only the best tools make it to our list, every alternative should meet the following criteria.

  • Ticket Management Features: All alternatives should offer core ticketing features such as ticket tracking, automated ticket assignment, ticket prioritization, ticket filters, etc.
  • Listed on the Leading Software Review Platforms: The help desk alternatives should be listed on the top online software comparison platforms such as Capterra, Getapp, SoftwareWorld, etc.
  • Minimum 10 User Reviews: All alternatives to SolarWinds must have at least ten reviews from people who have used the tool. Genuine user reviews can shed light on what works well and which features need improvement.

What Are the Best SolarWinds Service Desk Alternatives?

Now it’s time to explore the top 15 alternatives to SolarWinds Service Desk. You can go through an in-depth comparison that includes features, pricing, pros, cons, etc., for every tool.

1. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs Help Desk ticketing system

ProProfs Help Desk does a great job of bringing multiple channels on a single platform – email, live chat, help center, web forms, etc. Agents can collaborate in real-time to resolve all major incidents, requests, and end-user complaints.

As software cheaper than SolarWinds Service Desk, ProProfs helps you monitor the customer experience using CSAT and NPS surveys. Moreover, you can leverage smart reports to monitor first response time, ticket resolution times, agent ratings, customer satisfaction, and other relevant metrics.

Top Features of ProProfs Help Desk:

  • Create a self-service knowledge base for employees as well as customers
  • Interact with website visitors in real-time using a customizable, live chat widget
  • Develop powerful chatbots and automate your IT support process
  • Design relevant forms and allow agents to get the complete context about an issue
  • Break complex incident tickets into multiple child tickets

Why We Picked It:

  • The tool is quite easy to implement, and your agents can get started in no time.
  • With the shared inboxes feature, you can manage multiple team inboxes in one place.

Choose it for: Multichannel communication, internal collaboration, ticket prioritization, surveys, knowledge base, web forms, chatbots, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Startups, small to mid-sized businesses, large enterprises

Case Study:

The Horse Saddle Shop is a well-known saddler based in the United States, specializing in the sale of western saddles and boots. Since its establishment in 1986, the company has successfully served a customer base of more than 40,000 individuals, with over 37,000 saddles sold.

During their interactions with customers, a significant portion of inquiries revolved around saddle fitting. To streamline its support process and enhance productivity, the company leveraged the live chat functionality offered by ProProfs Help Desk. This enabled them to engage with customers in real-time, providing prompt assistance and saving valuable time.

Pricing: Starts at $10/user/month

2. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. JitBit

Jitbit SaaS-based help desk solution

JitBit offers a SaaS-based help desk solution that is hosted on AWS data centers. This means that you don’t need to worry about data security or backups. Your help desk inbox automatically updates itself in real time so your team can always be up-to-date about issues.

With the help of JitBit’s ticket grid, you can instantly view all ongoing customer issues and any files related to them. In addition to this, you can automatically calculate the time spent by agents on tickets and calculate billable hours.

Top Features of JitBit:

  • Link similar support tickets together and save time
  • Record your screen and upload it to the support ticket
  • Support customers from anywhere with mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Create canned responses for frequent issues or requests
  • Create a self-service portal for publishing FAQs and how-to articles

Why We Picked It:

  • JitBit offers a multilingual help desk that supports languages such as English, German, French, etc.
  • You can easily find tickets using keywords or ticket tags

Choose it for: Multilingual capabilities, asset management, ticket categorization, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Small to mid-sized businesses

Case Study:

Spring Arbor University is a Christian liberal arts university based in Spring Arbor, Michigan. The educational institution attained University status in 1994 and offers 70+ majors and programs for students.

The support team had to deal with multiple questions and issues pertaining to academics and professional courses, networking/connection issues, and much more.

Spring Arbor University chose JitBit over other tools as it was less expensive and allowed unlimited agent licenses. Moreover, Jitbit’s mobile apps for iOS and Android proved to be very useful for in-field technicians.

Pricing: Starts at $29/user/month

3. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is another help desk software like SolarWinds that helps you support customer interactions on multiple channels. You can encourage self-service by connecting customers to knowledge base articles, account information, and community members.

Salesforce allows you to create AI-powered workflows to speed up support and enhance the customer experience. For instance, you can automatically route issues to agents or prioritize critical issues that demand immediate attention.

Top Features of Salesforce Service Cloud:

  • Get a 360-degree view of every customer and personalize interactions
  • Integrate with Slack and solve customer problems together
  • Share proactive service notifications and status updates
  • Access data online and offline with Salesforce’s field service app
  • Leverage reports to understand customer issue trends and churn risks

Why We Picked It:

  • With Visual Remote Assistant, you can support customers over video chat.
  • You can easily build a branded, mobile-responsive service portal.

Choose it for: Unified agent workspace, incident management, omnichannel routing, video support, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Startups, small to mid-sized businesses, large enterprises

Case Study:

Herman Miller is a popular home and office furniture company, best known for its chairs that are designed to reduce strain.

Right from the start, Herman Miller’s customers expected a personalized shopping experience to match the high-quality products it sells.

After partnering with Salesforce Service Cloud, the furniture brand was able to get the complete customer information needed to deliver fast, personal, and responsive shopping experiences.

Pricing: Starts at $25/user/month

4. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a free SolarWinds Service Desk alternative that is famous for features such as live chat, social integrations, automation, and call center capabilities.

LiveAgent offers a stylish and intuitive live chat widget that can help your team increase engagement and generate more leads. You can automatically route chat to agents, see what customers are typing in real time, and invite customers to chat based on the time they have spent on your website.

Top Features of LiveAgent:

  • Provide instant support over live chat and increase your sales
  • Store and access relevant customer information inside your help desk
  • Automatically filter spam emails to avoid irrelevant messages
  • Add private notes to tickets and discuss issues together
  • Allow customers to rate agents after their support session is completed

Why We Picked It:

  • Avoid duplicate replies with the agent collision detection feature.
  • Agents can easily attach files to tickets with the drag-and-drop feature.

Choose it for: Universal inbox, automated ticket distribution, internal tickets, time tracking, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Small to mid-sized businesses

Case Study:

Zľava Dna is a website in Slovakia and Czech Republic that offers deal-of-the-day discounts to customers. Customers can use these discounts to get a great bargain for outfits, holidays, or gifts.

The company started using LiveAgent to provide exceptional service (an inexpensive way of marketing). They have a small support team of 8 agents who handle around 9000 customer queries and complaints every month via email and live chat.

Pricing: Starts at $9/user/month

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5. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. Freshservice


Freshservice is an IT service management tool that can be used to unify customer experiences and enhance employee productivity. The tool offers powerful automation features and no-code workflows to rise above repetitive tasks and manual work.

You can identify critical issues, communicate proactively with customers, and reduce the impact of downtimes on your business. Moreover, MS Teams and Slack integrations ensure that your support agents can always communicate with each other and stay up to date.

Top Features of Freshservice:

  • Manage SLAs for different business hours and incident categories
  • Create a knowledge base to assist end-users and reduce ticket volume
  • Get a 360-degree view of all company-wide assets
  • View and track all your ongoing projects in one place
  • Allow employees to raise tickets directly from the support portal

Why We Picked It:

  • You can create reports to track the health of incidents, problems, and changes
  • Freshservice allows you to customize your service portal to match your brand’s design

Choose it for: SLA management, knowledge management, unified service catalog, asset discovery, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Medium businesses, large enterprises

Case Study:

Donvale Christian College is a Melbourne-based co-education school.

Since Donvale Christian College was growing rapidly, it wanted an ITIL-aligned support solution to resolve and track the requests of multiple end-users – students, employees, and parents. Their IT and maintenance team’s main objective was to help end-users quickly and guide them with relevant solutions.

After opting for Freshservice, the institution witnessed a 99% SLA and first-call resolution rating. Moreover, their IT team saw a significant improvement in productivity and service quality.

Pricing: Starts at $19/user/month

6. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management

As software like SolarWinds Service Desk, Jira Service Management allows multiple departments such as IT, HR, or Legal to set up a service desk quickly. You can respond to requests, incidents, and changes to enhance the end-user support experience.

Jira Service Management offers machine learning (ML) capabilities that make it easier for employees and customers to search for knowledge articles and other content. Moreover, you can even link relevant documentation to requests and speed up issue resolution.

Top Features of Jira Service Management:

  • Create problem tickets immediately after an incident is resolved
  • Link incidents to problems and understand the root cause behind them
  • Track the complete ownership of assets in a single platform
  • Escalate critical incidents to relevant agents or departments
  • Share ticket-related updates via channels such as SMS, email, or mobile push

Why We Picked It:

  • Jira Service Management offers multiple integration options to users.
  • Field service agents can create their own tickets and track their progress.

Choose it for: Request management, self-service, asset tracking, change approvals, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Small to mid-size businesses, large enterprises

Case Study:

Canva is an online graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, posters, presentations, documents, and other visual content.

As the design platform grew to more than 1,000 employees and 40 million users, its support team was finding it difficult to keep up with demand and gain visibility across workflows.

Canva uses Jira Service Management for incident tracking and reporting. No matter how many queries or requests their team receives, every concern is dealt with in time.

Pricing: Starts at $21/user/month

7. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. SysAid

SysAid alternative to SolarWinds

SysAid is another remarkable alternative to SolarWinds that helps you automate ticket sorting, prioritization, and other help desk processes. Empower our staff members to resolve common IT issues or inquiries on their own using a dedicated self-service portal.

Whether staff members are present in their cubicles or customers are present in their homes, you can lend support from anywhere. For instance, with the remote control feature, agents can connect directly to end-users machines and resolve issues.

Top Features of SysAid:

  • Customize your help desk’s UI without writing a single line of code
  • Automate ticket workflows and attain your SLA targets
  • Create powerful reports to monitor key performance indicators and stats
  • Allow agents to record their screens and upload them to tickets
  • Create a repository of how-to solutions for end-users and administrators

Why We Picked It:

  • SysAid is offered in both cloud as well as on-premise versions.
  • You can create multiple routing and escalation rules for enhanced efficiency.

Choose it for: Workflow automation, asset management, performance analytics, problem management, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Small to mid-sized businesses, large enterprises

Case Study:

Relay Resources is a non-profit organization located in Portland, Oregon that provides employment opportunities to people with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities.

Before switching to SysAid, their IT service management was behind time – employees were not able to find the assets or credentials they needed in a timely manner.

Relay Resources uses SysAid’s hierarchy and time-based escalations to manage ticket workflows. Moreover, their team is able to track real-time information about the location and use of the company’s assets.

Pricing: Get in touch with the company for a quote.

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8. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. Spiceworks

Spiceworks powerful tool

Spiceworks is a powerful tool that brings multiple features to the table. When you opt for their cloud help desk, you don’t have to worry about procurement, heavy investments, setup, or regular maintenance. All these things are taken care of by the vendor.

With this free alternative to SolarWinds, you can capture IT requests via email, mobile devices, a self-service portal, and other channels. You can empower end-users to track the progress of their tickets using the self-service portal and reduce incoming call and email volume.

Top Features of Spiceworks:

  • Create a user self-service portal and allow them to track their ongoing tickets
  • Monitor help desk metrics such as first response time, ticket close times, etc.
  • Automatically distribute support tickets among your team
  • View agent performance metrics at a glance
  • Add private comments to tickets and discuss issues with other agents

Why We Picked It:

  • Spiceworks has a vast community of users, entrepreneurs, and tech experts.
  • You can easily get started with their cloud version.

Choose it for: Incident management, ticket collaboration, multi-site support, user self-service, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: No

Suited for: Small to mid-sized businesses

Case Study: Not Available

Pricing: Spiceworks is free for all users.

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9. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. Zendesk

Many experts consider Zendesk as the best alternative to SolarWinds Service Desk. But what makes this tool so effective? Well, it comes across as a complete customer service solution that can be easily scaled as and when your business grows.

You can interact with customers over a plethora of channels such as messaging, live chat, email, phone, social media, and more. In addition to this, you can use Zendesk to build a vast online community forum where customers can hold discussions and help each other.

Top Features of Zendesk:

  • Reward the top contributors of your online forum with suitable badges
  • Build an integrated help center and allow customers to resolve common issues
  • Leverage AI-powered answer bots to handle low-priority support tickets
  • Automatically escalate issues when SLAs are not met
  • Integrate with Slack, Zoom, Trello, and other tools

Why We Picked It:

  • Allow agents to contribute to help articles so that your content is always up to date.
  • AI-powered answer bots can help you deflect a majority of help desk tickets.

Choose it for: AI-powered bots, multichannel ticketing, intelligent routing, knowledge management, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Large enterprises

Case Study:

Tile is a technology and electronics company that helps you locate and find your valuable items. You can add a Tile to your keys, wallet, or phone and use the Tile app to know their exact location.

During the pandemic, Tile support agents could easily access Zendesk’s cloud-based service suite while working from home. The company used Zendesk’s Agent Workspace to unify its channels and increase agent productivity.

As a result, Tile was able to cut down its average handle time by around 40%. Moreover, the company even saw a 14% increase in customer satisfaction.

Pricing: Starts at $49/user/month

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10. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a leading ITSM tool that can help you auto-assign IT tickets to relevant members of your team. You can create virtual agents that understand simple human language and are capable to assist end-users with their common requests or complaints.

With real-time analytics, ServiceNow offers you complete visibility and rich insights into your IT support process. In addition to this, you can provide your staff members with an AI-powered self-service portal that works on all devices.

Top Features of ServiceNow:

  • Leverage intelligent routing to quickly resolve incidents and request tickets
  • Build a self-service help center for customers and employees
  • Resolve issues on the go with the ServiceNow mobile app
  • Automate approvals for initiating changes across the organization
  • Proactively identify major incidents and uncover opportunities for improvement.

Why We Picked It:

  • The tool makes it quite easier to categorize and sort tickets
  • Users can easily submit tickets using multiple channels

Choose it for: Incident management, virtual agents, predictive intelligence, agent workspace, mobile app, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Medium businesses, large enterprises

Case Study:

Lavazza is a coffee manufacturing company established in Turin in 1995. Right from developing coffee blends for domestic consumption to launching a voice-controlled espresso machine, Lavazza has come a long way.

While the company was expanding rapidly, its existing IT solutions were not able to keep up with demands. Soon Lavazza switched to ServiceNow due to its market leadership and flexibility.

The company now manages more than 70k IT support tickets annually using ServiceNow. Moreover, it also overlooks 100+ IT projects using the same tool.

Pricing: Get in touch with the company for a quote.

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11. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. Gorgias

Gorgias is a help desk tool designed for small to medium-sized eCommerce businesses. If you feel that SolarWinds does not provide the features your online store needs, you can consider switching to Gorgias.

Gorgias offers customer service agents all the tools and information they need to support online shoppers. For instance, they can view all relevant customer data when they are talking to them, edit orders, initiate refunds, and modify subscription plans,

Top Features of Gorgias:

  • Respond to customer inquiries on social media posts and advertisements
  • Create a consistent support experience with customizable email signatures
  • Use automation tools to quickly answer repetitive questions
  • Integrate with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and other platforms
  • Monitor first response time, resolution time, and other metrics

Why We Picked It:

  • Agents can easily make changes to an order or modify subscriptions while they are interacting with a customer.
  • You can understand your customers better with sentiment analysis

Choose it for: E-commerce customer service, proactive support, sentiment analysis, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Small to mid-sized businesses

Case Study:

JOONE is a French e-commerce company focused on selling childcare products. The online store was started to meet the needs of parents who were doubtful about the quality of the products they were using.

JOONE uses Gorgias’ automation features to offer proactive support to customers from across the globe. For instance, with the help of macros and rules, their team was able to speed up support and decrease the first response time (FRT) by 52%.

Pricing: Starts at $10/month

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12. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. Hiver

Hiver easy-to-use tool

Hiver is an easy-to-use tool that helps you convert your Gmail into a full-fledged help desk platform. If your team uses Gmail to manage customer service, Hiver can be the perfect SolarWinds alternative for you.

We all know that Gmail isn’t designed for team collaboration. This is where Hiver helps your team see which member is replying to which email and the number of support emails that need a response. Moreover, they can even add notes to give team members context about an issue.

Top Features of Hiver:

  • Manage email and chat support right inside your Gmail account
  • Assign incoming emails to the right team members
  • Easily build, customize, and host an online knowledge base
  • Monitor agent turnaround time, average resolution time, and other metrics
  • Automatically close unimportant emails to save time

Why We Picked It:

  • The best part is that your team will not have to learn any new tools as they will already be familiar with the Gmail platform.
  • The company offers 24×7 chat and email support to all users.

Choose it for: Email customer service, simple UI, internal collaboration, CSAT surveys, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Small to mid-sized businesses, large enterprises

Case Study:

Clutter was founded in 2016 by Ari Mir to make moving and storage a hassle-free experience for millions of people. By investing in people and technology, Clutter is considered the fastest-growing storage and moving service provider in the US.

With Hiver, Clutter’s team can now manage customer and employee communication right from Gmail. Moreover, the shared drafts and email templates feature helped them enhance work efficiency by 25%.

Pricing: Starts at $12/user/month

13. SolarWinds Service Desk vs.Front

Front is a customer communication platform designed for efficiency, team collaboration, and visibility. The tool comes packed with features such as a shared inbox, live chat, automated workflows, reporting insights, and more.

With a universal inbox, Front helps you keep all your conversations well organized. For instance, agents can access email, live chat, and SMS text messages in one place.

Top Features of Front:

  • Automatically assign tickets based on sender or keywords
  • Chat with your teammates directly in your inbox
  • Share email drafts with other agents to send appropriate responses
  • Organize customer service conversations using tags
  • Monitor total messages sent and average reply time

Why We Picked It:

  • Front is quite easy to use, and your team can get started quickly.
  • You can easily customize the live chat widget for web and mobile.

Choose it for: Shared inbox, SLA reports, customizable live chat widget, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Startups, small to mid-sized businesses

Case Study:

Hootsuite is a popular social media marketing and management tool that was created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. Users can use this tool to manage multiple social network platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc., in one place.

Hootsuite’s teams use shared inboxes to streamline email management for different groups. Front has facilitated the ideal platform for collaboration between different groups and teams. In addition, team members can see who is working on which message to avoid work duplication.

Pricing: Starts at $49/user/month

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14. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. AzureDesk

AzureDesk another popular alternative to solarwinds

AzureDesk is another popular alternative that comes with powerful customization features. For instance, you can customize agent signatures and set up your help desk platform in 53 different languages.

AzureDesk helps you create a self-service portal to make it possible for customers to resolve their issues without having to contact your team. In addition, customers can even use the portal to track past tickets or submit new requests.

Top Features of AzureDesk:

  • Automatically create tickets from customer messages
  • Reduce ticket volume with an online self-service portal
  • Add more information about a ticket using ticket fields
  • Automatically notify customers when an agent updates a ticket
  • Monitor tickets per channel, average response time, and other metrics

Why We Picked It:

  • You can easily view the tickets generated through each communication channel. This will help you during resource planning.
  • Easily customize your email signatures to send professional emails.

Choose it for: Self-service portal, help desk customization, email integration, multilingual capabilities, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Startups, small to mid-sized businesses

Case Study: Not available

Pricing: Starts at $33/user/month

15. SolarWinds Service Desk vs. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based help desk solution that enables businesses to automate their customer service process and manage their operations more effectively.

You can manage customer communications through multiple channels, such as email, chat, phone, social media, and more. In addition, you can leverage powerful features, such as ticket management, automation, knowledge base management, collaboration tools, and analytics.

Top Features of Zoho Desk:

  • Instantly connect with customers via live chat
  • Connect Zoho Desk with Zoho CRM to access all information in one place
  • Automatically inform customers about their ticket progress
  • Track the time spent on resolving each support ticket
  • Create templates for email notifications and ticket forms

Why We Picked It:

  • You can monitor customer messages and comments on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Suggest help articles to customers to deflect common requests.

Choose it for: Self-service portal, help desk customization, email integration, multilingual capabilities, etc.

3rd party integrations allowed: Yes

Suited for: Startups, small to mid-sized businesses, large enterprises

Case Study:

Centilytics is a software company that offers cloud management, infrastructure, and data management solutions. Started in a Stanford dorm room, Centilytics has grown to become a 180-people-strong company.

Centilytics uses Zoho Desk to enhance its customer satisfaction rate. The tool is used by both customer-facing and internal teams to manage all communications in one place. A simple email integration with Zoho Desk helps them keep a firm tab on all the issues and resolution progress.

Pricing: Starts at $12/user/month

Comparison of Best Alternatives of SolarWinds

Software Price Ticket Management Shared Inbox Multi-channel Communication Alerts & Escalations Live Chat Self-Service Portal IT Help Desk
ProProfs Help Desk $20/month Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
JitBit $29/month Y N Y Y Y Y Y
Salesforce Service Cloud $25/month Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
LiveAgent $9/month Y Y Y Y Y Y N
Freshservice $19/month Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Jira Service Management $21/month Y N Y Y Y Y Y
SysAid Not Mentioned Y N Y Y Y Y Y
Spiceworks Free Y N Y Y Y Y Y
Zendesk $49/month Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
ServiceNow Not Mentioned Y N Y Y Y Y Y
Gorgias $10/month Y N Y Y Y Y N
Hiver $12/month Y Y Y Y Y Y N
Front $49/month Y Y Y Y Y N N
AzureDesk $33/month Y Y Y Y Y N N
Zoho Desk $12/month Y N Y Y Y Y N
SolarWinds Service Desk $19/month Y N Y Y Y Y Y

Final Verdict: Which SolarWinds Alternative Should You Go For?

Solarwinds Service Desk is a leading IT help desk software that allows you to:

  • Track and prioritize incidents
  • Create a dedicated service catalog
  • Built a service portal to empower users
  • Implement company-wide changes quickly

However, despite the benefits, there are some serious limitations that make people look for the right alternatives to SolarWinds Service Desk. Some common drawbacks of this tool are an outdated user interface, lack of customization options, poor customer support, etc.

All the alternatives shared in this blog have been carefully chosen. If you are still unsure, we would recommend you go for ProProfs Help Desk – a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-implement IT help desk solution. If price is not an issue, you can even opt for Zendesk or JitBit based on your feature needs.

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Jared is a customer support expert. He has been published in CrazyEgg, CoSchedule, and CXL. As a customer support executive at ProProfs, he has been instrumental in developing a complete customer support system that more than doubled customer satisfaction. You can connect and engage with Jared on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn