Live Chat integrates seamlessly with ProProfs Help Desk software. Resolve tickets faster and enhance customer satisfaction easily.

What Is Help Desk & Live Chat Integration & How it Works?

Our help desk software comes with live chat integration that helps you reach out to customers who visit your website. A small “Hi, may I help you find something?” can really leave a great impression on your customers. With live chat & help desk integration, you can build customer relationships online and help improve your customer retention numbers by a huge margin. Not only that, you can also improve user experience and ensure your customers can find everything they need easily on your website. To see how it works, check out the key features and the benefits of help desk software integration with live chat.

Features & Benefits of Help Desk & Live Chat Integration
  • Never Miss a Customer Question Again

    No matter what time it is, customers can connect with your support team from anywhere. Integrate live chat with help desk and create a 24/7 communication channel between you and your customers. Take charge and enhance customer support significantly with help desk software integration with live chat.

  • Create Tickets Right From Your Live Chat Dashboard

    When customer questions aren’t answered via live chat, you can create a ticket right from the live chat dashboard. Add live chat to your help desk software and send tickets to the relevant teams to resolve them easily using ProProfs Help Desk software. Enable 24/7 customer support and answer customer questions instantly.

  • Monitor Visitors in Real-Time

    Help desk live chat integration allows you to leverage a number of additional features, one of which is visitor monitoring. Monitor the customers who visit your website and analyze where they find difficulty in your website. Improve upon the pain-points and enhance the user experience.

  • Reduce Response Time By Upto 80%

    Add live chat to your help desk software to minimize response time. Reply to customer questions instantly and connect them to support agents on-call, if needed. This way you not only reduce first response time, but also resolve customer queries quickly.

  • Co-Browse & Help Visitors Make Informed Decisions

    Add live chat to your help desk software and help your customers navigate through your website easily. All you have to do is share your screen with your customers and voila. Your customers can see what needs to be done and how. This way, your customers instantly know how to overcome their problem - and with minimum effort.

  • Grow Conversions With Pre-Chat Forms

    Capture potential leads with pre-chat forms and initiate chats with customers to close sale tickets faster. Monitor support agents interaction with your customers and improve the entire buying experience with ProPorfs Help Desk & ProProfs Chat integration.

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