What Is Help Desk & Knowledge Base Integration?

Integrating your knowledge base with ProProfs Help Desk equips your customers to find answers to common questions on their own. How does that help? Your customers won’t require to connect with your support team for quick answers - they can search their questions in your knowledge base and get ready answers instantly.

With a help desk that comes with knowledge base, you reduce up to 80% incoming customer tickets, which saves you support costs, time, and effort.

Add tool-tips, documentation, guides, and manuals to your help site and help customers or visitors resolve questions themselves.

Take a look at the features and benefits of the duo:

Features & Benefits of Help Desk & Knowledge Base Integration
  • Reduce Tickets by up to 80%

    Reduce customer tickets by up to 80 percent with ProProfs Help Desk and Knowledge Base integration. Remove the need to create tickets for your customers. Equip them with self-help to find answers to their common questions instantly.

  • Never answer the same question again

    Add knowledge base to help desk and create a delightful support experience for your customers. Knowledge base for help desk ticketing software significantly reduces support costs as agents don’t have to answer the common questions over and again.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Answer all your customer questions from anywhere at any time from any device. Receive customer emails on the go and assign them to relevant support agents from wherever you are. Track all customer emails and resolve their queries instantly. Keep customer support at your fingertips with help desk software integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base.

  • Power Up Your Customer Support

    Help desk knowledge base integration empowers your customer agents to offer delightful customer support - with the knowledge base integration in place, agents can look for manuals and guides from without ever leaving the help desk software.

  • Analytics & Reports

    Create insightful reports and analyze your agents’ performance. Reports include agent ratings, first response time, average resolution time, and customer reviews, and more. And all these can be accessed within the Help Desk tool. This way, you gain insight into what needs to be improved.

  • Train Support Agents Easily

    ProProfs offers the world’s simplest learning management system, a training maker that helps you train your customer support and sales staff easily. Choose from over 100 professionally designed, ready-to-use course templates, brand them with your company logo, edit if necessary, and provide training to your employees for them to be upmarket and keep performing.

Connecting the two tools is easy. Visit our integration guide for step-by-step instructions.

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