What Is Help Desk Software?

Help desk support software acts as a one-stop point of contact that provides centralized information and support management service to handle a company’s internal as well as external support requests. It helps you automate repetitive tasks, collaborate better, and make data-driven strategic decisions. With all your customer conversations well-organized, your agents can respond to customer requests quickly and effectively.

  • Improve team productivity
  • Track all incoming requests
  • Delight customers & employees
manage emails in one place using shared inbox

What Does Help Desk Software Do?

Improves team collaboration with  shared inbox in help desk
Improves Team Collaboration

Online help desk software gives your agents the right platform to work as one big unified team. They can work in sync using shared inboxes and resolve challenging customer issues.

Enhances efficiency with help desk software
Enhances Efficiency

With a help desk, there is no need for your agents to manually track customer issues or switch between multiple channels. All the tools they need are right on their dashboard.

Enables faster responses with canned response in help desk system
Enables Faster Responses

Communication becomes effortless when your agents have the right context. With an automated workflow of a help desk management software, get ready to share fast responses and delight customers.

Who Uses Help Desk Software?

Businesses & Enterprises

Small and medium-sized businesses using help desk tool SMB

Small and medium-sized businesses have small customer service teams to manage a wide range of customer issues and requests. They need a help desk ticketing system to automate manual tasks so that they can focus on improving customer interactions.

Enterprise using help desk tool Enterprise

Large corporations need multiple departments to work together and ensure customers have a delightful experience. With the best help desk software, enterprises can easily scale their support process, assist a broad customer base, measure performance, and take long-term decisions.

Consumer Segments

B2B firms using service desk software B2B

B2B (Business-to-business) firms need customization capabilities to cater to other businesses that operate in different industries. Such businesses can set up department inboxes, configure roles and permissions and leverage real-time reporting for managing the support and service processes.

B2C firms using best help desk software B2C

B2C (Business-to-consumer) firms need to be present on multiple communication channels to assist their diverse consumers. The main goal is to reduce ticket volume with the help of a self-service knowledge base or multi-channel support such as chat, email and web forms.

Customer Service Teams

Customer service agents using help desk system Agent

Customer service agents are the people who spend the most time on a help desk system. They can plan their tasks, prioritize tickets, and handle multiple customer inquiries. Moreover, they can use the tool to collaborate with other agents and resolve complex issues together.

Customer service managers using service desk ticketing system Manager

Customer service managers can assign tickets to their team members, track ticket progress, and handle escalations. With the reporting capabilities of a help desk, managers can measure performance and make informed decisions.

What Are the Key Features of Service Desk Software?

Collaborate With Shared Inboxes

No need to jump from one inbox to the other, bring all emails in one place

ProProfs Help Desk system offers a shared space for all your customer-facing inboxes (sales@, support@, help@, billing@, contact@, etc.). With a simple Gmail-like user interface, resolving customer issues would feel familiar but only better.

  • All customer-facing inboxes in one place
  • Simple Gmail-like user interface
  • Never lose a customer email again

Increase Agent Productivity With Automation

Help desk software designed for high performance support teams

Take automation to a whole different level with Round-Robin or advanced ticket assignment that ensures tickets are evenly distributed and never get piled up. Save valuable hours every day by leveraging canned responses for commonly asked questions.

  • Automatically assign tickets to agents
  • Use canned responses for faster replies
  • Share automated alerts & notifications

Improve Performance With Reports

Get reports & analytics that gear you towards action

Unlock key customer service metrics and monitor your agents' performance as a group and individuals. Share automated emails for ticket rating and capture customer feedback instantly using ticket ratings, CSAT, NPS, and custom surveys.

  • Track key customer service metrics
  • Measure individual & team performance
  • Share CSAT, NPS, & other surveys

Provide Multi-Channel Support

Unify conversations across channels for a seamless experience

ProProfs Help Desk enables you to capture customer requests from multiple channels- email, live chat, or help center. Meet customers on the channels they love and deliver 360-degree support experiences.

  • Manage multiple channels from one place
  • Meet customers on channels they love
  • Offer 360-degree support

Customize It Your Way

Customize workflows to suit the way your team works

Enjoy complete customization capabilities and personalize your help desk to suit your unique needs. Supply more information to a ticket by creating custom fields or set priorities and alerts to match your SLAs.

  • Keep your brand identity intact
  • Create custom fields for tickets
  • Set ticket priorities to match SLAs

Includes Chat, Knowledge Base & Survey

Harness the power of multiple support tools & delight customers

ProProfs Help desk includes live chat, Knowledge base & survey software

ProProfs Help Desk comes with ProProfs Live Chat, Knowledge Base, and Survey Maker built-in. Respond to customers in real-time via live chat and build experiences. Offer 24x7, anytime, anywhere self-help, and reduce tickets by up to 80%. Measure and improve customer delight with surveys easily.

  • Live Chat for real-time interactions
  • Knowledge Base to promote self-service
  • Survey Maker for customer feedback
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How to Choose Support Ticketing Software

Understand How Customers Contact You
Understand How Customers Contact You

Do customers reach out to your business over the phone, email, live chat, or do they register their issue via your help center? It is important to go for a help desk solution that captures requests from support channels that your customers prefer.

Features that get the job done
Features that Get the Job Done

Any customer support software should be simple to use and offer a user-friendly interface. Go for a feature-rich help desk system that offers high scalability to match your growing needs.

Honest, Simple Pricing
Honest, Simple Pricing

It is important to remember that a higher-priced product does not mean more features and vice-versa. Most modern help desks come with pay-per-agent plans to help you avoid wasting money on recurring costs.

how to choose the best help desk software
Sameer Bhatia Founder & CEO,
Sameer Bhatia Founder & CEO,
I hate customer satisfaction. Satisfaction sets a low bar. People should be DELIGHTED when they use ProProfs.

Everything You Could Possibly Need

ProProfs customer support suite provides you with everything you need to offer a delightful support experience and build relationships. Ticketing, chat, self-help, surveys, customer relationship management - all under one roof.

Key benefits of support ticketing software

Case Studies

Learn how leading brands reduced support tickets & offered 24x7 support with ProProfs

ProProfs Service Desk Offers Everything You Need

Transform your support services with our easy-to-use ticketing system

  • Track Tickets Track Tickets

    Never lose a ticket again, always know who is working on what.

  • Prioritize Tickets Prioritize Tickets

    Make sure the most critical tickets get solved first.

  • Solve Tickets Solve Tickets

    Canned responses & knowledge base make it easy to solve tickets.

  • Share Knowledge Share Knowledge

    Customers love self-service knowledge base resources.

  • Instant Support Instant Support

    Allow customers to chat with you right on your website.

  • Train Agents & Customers Train Agents & Customers

    Train customers & agents with online training courses.

  • Simple & Easy Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access Anytime, Anywhere Access

    View & access support tools on laptops, tablets or smartphones.

  • Scalable Scalable

    A robust solution that can scale with you as your business grows.

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